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5 Evergreen SEO Tips That Have Stood the Test of Time

Search Engine Optimisation affords an entire host of demanding situations – certainly one of that’s responding to shifts and modifications within the way search engines like google assess and rank your website.

The dreaded phrases ‘algorithm update’ will ship a shiver down the backbone of many a virtual marketer. While it’s true that Google particularly has a bent to make sweeping adjustments that may have a big effect on organic visitors, there are a few pillars of search engine marketing which have stood strong via the adorably named Penguin and Panda, and the less adorably nicknamed Mobilegeddon.

Take a examine the timeline of algorithm updates – it offers you an idea of the way a great deal Google has changed on account that 1996!


In this article, we’ll take a look at the search engine optimization fundamentals which have stood the take a look at of time – we’ll communicate approximately why they’re important and why they’ve stayed at the center of our SEO technique.

1 – Putting the consumer first

When human beings say ‘write for someone, now not for a seek engine’ what they’re virtually trying to say is that you need to put the focal point at the user because that’s what Google is doing.

The purpose humans cross again to Google time and time again is as it serves them a beneficial end result. When the hunt engine is rating your website, that’s what all of the ranking factors are meant to determine. Is your website a useful reaction to the users’ search question?


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While you might be able to find a manner to game the gadget, if that’s the best factor inflating your rankings then subsequently a set of rules update is going to seize you out.

Remember – a website that’s desirable for users is a website that’s exactly for search engines like google and yahoo too.

2 – White hat wins in the end

Algorithm updates fall into classes:

Attempts to reply to a shift in how we’re the usage of the net, as become the case with the mobile centered updates
Attempts to reply to ‘black hat’ techniques which might be dishonest the present gadget
As we mentioned above, Google wants to provide users with the excellent feasible effects to their search question.

Keyword stuffing is a great example. For a long time, it did a first-rate job of pushing you up the rankings however left users with an awful taste in their mouths. This is because it supposed that web sites could stuff their way to the top of the search outcomes, even supposing their end result furnished a bad person enjoy.

What Google has a tendency to do isn’t always only alternate their algorithm to lessen the ranking of sites which might be following these techniques – they also generally tend to penalize those who continue to attempt to ‘cheat the system’.

keywords into fifty five-60 characters (it’s clearly approximately pixel width so that you’ll get an exceptional solution about how many characters relying on who you ask!) while also writing a page identity that is enticing to the consumer is now a well-honed artwork shape most of the exceptional SEO copywriters.

Then there are meta descriptions, at the same time as they don’t have an immediate impact on rankings according to se, they’re nevertheless surprisingly essential. A properly written meta description that helps the page meta title and outline once you see it via the eyes of your users!

Four – Consolidation beats dilution

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