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Android-Smartwatch: HTC dementiert Gerüchte

HTC hat sich bislang aus dem Smartwatch-Geschäft herausgehalten – durchaus bemerkenswert für einen der größten Hersteller von Android-Geräten. Im vergangenen Oktober tauchten dann unter dem Codenamen „Halfbeak“ erste Fotos einer HTC-Smartwatch auf; eine Stellungnahme des Herstellers blieb allerdings aus. Doch wie die Website Android Police jetzt berichtete, meldeten sich die Taiwaner nun zu Wort und dementierten die Gerüchte. Eine Android-Smartwatch von HTC bleibt also zunächst Zukunftsmusik. Allerdings gab es die Pläne zu der Uhr anscheinend tatsächlich.

Durchgesickerte Bilder nur wenige Tage alt


Erst vor wenigen Tagen machten in Chinas sozialem Netzwerk Sina Weibo erneut äußerst detaillierte Bilder der smarten Uhr die Runde, die ihren Weg in einen Bericht auf Android Police fanden. Die Fotos auf der Website lassen deutlich erkennen, dass das Modell über ein rundes Display verfügt, das von einem glänzenden Plastikrahmen umgeben ist. An der rechten Seite befinden sich zwei Knöpfe zur Bedienung der Uhr; auf der Rückseite zeigen die Bilder Kontakte für das Ladegerät sowie einen Herzfrequenz-Sensor. Den Gerüchten zufolge soll die Smartwatch mit 360×360 Pixeln auflösen.

In Kooperation mit Under Armour

Die Smartwatch sollte ursprünglich offenbar in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Sportartikel-Hersteller Under Armour entstehen: Das Logo prangte auf den geleakten Bildern auf der Rückseite der Uhr. Die beiden Unternehmen kooperierten bereits im vergangenen Jahr und entwickelten gemeinsam das Fitness-Tracker-Set „HealthBox“. Eine offizielle Bestätigung der neuen Smartwatch, auf der dem Anschein nach Android Wear 1.3 lief, stand indes noch aus. Wie sich jetzt herausstellt, handelte es sich bei den durchgesickerten Bildern wohl um einen älteren Prototyp, den HTC unlängst eingestampft hatte. Demnach ist es möglich, dass ein Mitarbeiter die Bilder einfach im Netz verbreitet hat.

Android Wear nicht lukrativ genug

HTC zufolge hatte das Unternehmen gute Gründe, die geplante Smartwatch doch nicht zu entwickeln. Wie ein Sprecher des Herstellers gegenüber der Website Tbreak berichtete, struggle Android Wear allgemein kein großer wirtschaftlicher Erfolg und die Entwicklung einer Android-Smartwatch somit nicht lukrativ genug für das Unternehmen. Hinzu kommt, dass HTC in den vergangenen Jahren auf dem Markt zu kämpfen hatte. Da macht es durchaus Sinn, dass sich das Unternehmen letztlich gegen ein Projekt entschied, das vermutlich keinen großen Profit gebracht hätte. Ob HTC in absehbarer Zukunft doch noch eine Android-Smartwatch auf den Markt bringt, bleibt abzuwarten.

Michael Kors Smart Watch Technology Rides Style

Android-Smartwatch: HTC dementiert Gerüchte 3


The Michael Kors line of timepieces was delivered in shook the style enterprise with a hint of glam designs. In 2016, a glamorous touch was introduced to the Android clever watch this year. The fashionistas will have smartwatches that can be elegant. There are two collections inside the smart eye – Bradshaw and Dylan. Michael Kors’s clever watches come in 3 strap hues- Rose Gold, Gold, and Sable. All three looks were expensive.

The smartwatch has features of speakers and microphones. The clever watches have sensors like an accelerometer and gyroscope for tracking pastimes. The clock has been electricity-filled with a four hundred mAh battery existence. The inner storage capability is 4GB. The smartwatch is available in leather-based, rubber, and steel bracelet straps. The water resistance capability is 1 ATM. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 SoC is dependable. The watch has Bluetooth, Smart Enabled, WIFI, and four functions.1 Low Energy, to name some. On the crown, the logo of Michael Kors- MK is superbly embossed. The height additionally works as a press button. Michael Kors’s clever watches are the greatest of first-rate and relatively well-constructed. Mostly, all the Android Wear apps can be used inside the eye. It’s a pretty heavy watch. The craftsmanship is of excessive top-class exceptional.

If one wonders about fixing an eye, representing perfection, the answer is the Michael Kors Smartwatch. You can set up your preferred coloration of the dial and customize it consistent with your possibilities. The tremendously high-quality layout with the heavy-weighted body is well worth shopping for. The extraordinary searching watch is compatible with iOS and Android. The virtual motion watch can give you all social media updates with a single click on your wrist. One can effortlessly get clever help from Google. It also owns Voice-activated Google, making your work even faster than earlier. The logo gives a guarantee of two whooping years.


There are endless approaches to personalize the watch face. The coloration of the dial can be modified immediately in line with one’s mood. The bands can be interchanged according to your desire and desire. App notifications, custom notifications, calls, messages, pastime tracking, heart fee count, and state-of-the-art happenings notifications all hint at a cross. One can easily access their email, too, in this clever watch. The watch weighs 51 grams. It has a forty-four—five mm casing for girls’ eyes and 46 mm for guys’ eyes. The Power intake of the Michael Kors Smartwatch depends upon the vibration, frequency, brightness, capabilities in use, and working temperature, to name a few.

If you are on a journey and need to maintain a tune in two time zones, this watch is a great selection. One push will allow you to change the timings. The alarm clock function will constantly remind you to stay on time with its reminders. The design of the timepieces is elegant but elegant to please you in a spellbound manner.

Pebble Smartwatch

What is a smartwatch?

We have heard a bit about this tiny gadget and the increasing hobby quite a few humans have shown, but what’s a smartwatch, and what does it do?

Well, a smartwatch seems like an ordinary wristwatch, but, except for showing the exact time, it comes with “smart” skills. You must join it to a cellphone or pill to get admission to the clever functions.

Some have known them as an upload-on to smarter gadgets.

What can a smartwatch do?

Smartwatches come with diverse configurations and applications; however, the most unusual features are the opportunity to study emails and text messages, take photos, act as GPS, and plenty more. (Note: The Pebble company has implemented approximately 5500 apps for their smartwatch.)

To access the applications of different smart devices, smartwatches usually connect via Bluetooth.

Note: Some smartwatches might not connect with all smartphones, and others may also lack compatibility with numerous running systems (no longer all are like-minded with iOS and Android).

Why do I want a smartwatch?

Suppose you do not like to test your cell phone every 5 minutes and fancy that your watch may warn you. At the same time, you get hold of emails, keep up with vital information, and look at your social feed or different important offerings you may have subscribed to. In that case, the smartwatch is the perfect tool for you.

You may be much less distracted than you’ll be while checking a telephone, you may no longer be interrupted from your work, and when an essential notification arrives, you will realize it. Besides all this, smartwatches are used significantly for their fitness applications.

Applications like RunKeeper will display your heart rate, count steps, the degree of your pressure stage, and the number of calories you have ever burnt.

Hopefully, we controlled to seize your hobby, so let’s examine one of the nice and nonhigh-priced smartwatches to be had, the Pebble Smartwatch.

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