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A Republican lawmaker walking for South Carolina lawyer preferred voted on several payments supported by way of a country health practitioner’s advocacy group even as he turned into the company’s top executive.

While nation Rep. Todd Atwater of Lexington become chief govt of the South Carolina Medical Association from 2013-16, he voted on at the least seven payments that the SCMA actively supported — together with payments regarding health facility liabilities, telemedicine, vaccines by means of pharmacists without a prescription, opioid prescriptions, clinical marijuana and dying certificate.

Questions about the votes come as Atwater seeks to become the kingdom’s pinnacle prosecutor, a role that includes overseeing what takes place in the political office. Ethics experts say the votes may want to enhance questions on whether he improperly boosted the corporation in the General Assembly.
Atwater denied that the votes represented any form of the battle of interest due to the fact he stated he did no longer stand to financially benefit and did no longer recognize what the SCMA’s positions had been on the bills.

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Even though he held a leadership position in the organization, Atwater said his process was centered on overseeing the board and the affiliation finances, now not directing the organization’s legislative priorities. He said he did no longer communicate with any of the organization’s lobbyists.

Ethics legal guidelines in South Carolina can be the problem to interpretation and, even in the uncommon times when cases are prosecuted, consequences are often light. But experts stated Atwater’s votes could still gift ability issues.

“If his employer represents an immediate beneficiary of the rules, it’s type of squirrelly to mention that he doesn’t have a dog in the combat due to the fact the organization’s whole cause for life is to serve the interests of those direct beneficiaries,” stated John Freeman, a former ethics professor at the University of South Carolina law school.

Atwater stated he checked with S.C. Ethics Commission and the House Ethics Committee to ensure the votes have been acceptable ahead of time. House ethics staffers couldn’t verify what they told Atwater due to lawyer-purchaser privilege. The commission did now not straight away respond to a request for remark.

House Ethics Committee Chairman Mike Pitts, R-Laurens, declined to weigh in on whether Atwater’s votes had been wrong, saying he would need to peer all of the applicable info to make a name.

But as preferred, Pitts stated, conflicts of interest aren’t just restricted to votes wherein lawmakers stand to reap a private financial reward and may expand to other ability benefits.

Patrick Dennis, the medical association’s senior vice president and trendy counsel, stated the employer by no means asked Atwater to vote for or in opposition to any piece of law S.C. House. Dennis turned into the leader of personnel for House Speaker Jay Lucas until in advance this yr.

The corporation did no longer financially benefit from the seven payments where Atwater solid votes, Dennis brought, and the organization’s policy priorities are set through a set of physicians who vet the association’s legislative selections — in addition to the board of trustees.

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Atwater alleges that S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson, who Atwater is difficult within the June 12 number one, has stirred this difficulty to distract the electorate from his personal record.

“The legal professional fashionable is the king of conflicts, and he is attempting to deflect,” Atwater stated. “He has come up with health-related payments and is then claiming that consequently, I have a trouble. None of these come near the warfare in law or in use that we’ve got.”

In the GOP primary in opposition to Wilson, Atwater, and Greenville legal professional William Herlong have criticized the incumbent for his connections to former political representative Richard Quinn, who becomes embroiled in an extended-running Statehouse corruption probe.

After recusing himself from the probe in 2015, Wilson tried to take again manipulate from special prosecutor David Pascoe. The S.C. Supreme Court ruled in Pascoe’s choose in 2016.

Wilson disregarded Atwater’s accusation.

“Sounds like he’s the kind of conflicts,” Wilson stated, rebutting Atwater. “He has truly no clue what he is speaking about. Bless his heart.”

At a current GOP number one debate in Greenville, Atwater claimed that he recused himself “from each unmarried vote that had something to do with the SCMA or me.” He clarified to The Post and Courier that he turned into specifically regarding any votes that represented a warfare.

Atwater did recuse himself from some medical bills, which includes a 2011 degree to decrease Medicaid payments from the country fitness employer. That selection got here after Atwater said then-Gov. Nikki Haley added him into her workplace and advised him he ought to now not vote on the bill due to his position with the association.

Astrology of a Presidential Candidate

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Barack Obama is a Leo, which isn’t unexpected as it’s far often the sign of a well-known guy – and especially a famous flesh-presser. He is the Junior United States Senator and the most effective African American serving in the U.S. Senate. He is, of course, additionally strolling for President of America. His birthday is August 4, 1961.

Like many well-known humans, Barack Obama has a stellium in his chart, which means three or more planets in his residence or signal. Not most effective does Obama have the Sun in Leo however also the Lillith, Mars, Uranus and his North Node. This is in the seventh residence of social pastime so it isn’t always unexpected that Barack is such a popular candidate. His capability to swing humans over to his manner of thinking is completely made apparent by means of the bulk of these planets in his chart.

Barack Obama is a superb public speaker with a natural recognition with others. Having his moon in Gemini shows this. This guy is probably additionally a fantastic author. Obama’s ascendant is in Aquarius, which bodes very well for a hit career as president. It defines his position as a splendid visionary.

The planets in his charts are primarily in hearth signs and symptoms, which would endow him with courage, nobility, and additionally a terrific deal of power. He might be a lively, bendy and likable President. The weakest a part of his chart is the Venus in Cancer. This can imply dependency, jealousy, and oversensitivity to the opposite sex. However, it could additionally mean a real potential to empathize with others. Barack Obama is already widely known for his dependancy to cigarettes.




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