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Blocksi : K12 Web Filter that Offers a Solution to Cyberbullying Detection

K12 Web Filter. It’s a welcome initiative as educators and parents struggle with online cyberbullying threats, poisoning the learning environment. Not only are these threats a problem, but there’s also inappropriate web content.

Cyberbullying Detection

With the K12 Web Filter, all interested parties in education in the same district can protect themselves from harmful web content. Learn more about the app here.

K12 Web Filter lets users block access to offensive, toxic, and harmful web content. As parents, you’ll know when to use internet content filters to protect kids from illegal content.

Should Your School Have the K12 Web Filter?

At Blocksi Inc., we want educators to do what they love: teaching with minimal distractions and students to concentrate 100% on studies without any disruptions. As a result, the K12 Web Filter has a lot of pros, including:

  • You can stop students from accessing graphic content, e.g., pornography and violent images.
  • Teachers can keep their students from distractions like gaming sites and entertainment.
  • Prevents cyber bullying
  • The internet is flooded with scammers, hackers, and people mining private info. So, the K12 Web Filter can protect students from these dangerous activities.

How Does the K12 Web Filter Work?

The K12 Web Filter offers four dashboards to enable administrators, teachers, delegates, and guardians to create a safe learning environment for students. Let’s look at what each dashboard provides you.

1. Admin Dashboard

It contains district-wide content filtering, account management with reports, device anti-theft, and intelligent alerts about self-harm, bullying, threats, and toxicity.

2. Teacher Dashboard

It has real-time screen monitoring, screen sharing, assessment mode with browser lockdown, class reports, and K-12-designed video conferencing with live chat features.

3. Parent Dashboard

4. Delegate/Principal Dashboard

Need more help with our powerful and insightful K12 Web Filter? Sign up for a demo on our website; it takes a few minutes. You’ll be good to go.

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