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Blogger Sia Cooper leaps to defence

An outstanding health blogger has hit out at folks short to choose mothers, saying critics will attack them whether they “live domestic and lift your youngsters” or “make a career for yourself.”

Sia Cooper, who runs a successful Instagram account under the moniker Diary of a Fit Mommy, says “no mom can win” when it comes to how fine to figure out their youngsters.

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“I’ve been instructed that I did not say anything once I became a live-at-home mother and that SAHMs were ‘lazy’ and ‘useless.’ The individuals who made those comments have been both non-moms or mothers who labored out of doors the house,” she wrote.

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“Now permit’s talk about operating moms and how they have been referred to as terrible moms for making a dwelling outside the house to offer for their families.

“It seems like no mother can win here! What offers? You’re damned if you pick out to stay home and lift your youngsters, and you are damned in case you make a career for yourself. ”

Ms. Cooper says she’s had “so many remarks” accusing her of doing not anything, despite her “work[ing] my ass off” and strolling a US$500,000-a-yr business it truly is allowed her husband to retire.

“Why is there this silly concept of what a mother should be, must do, and must look like? This is how society is so screwed up,” she endured. “How I select to provide income for my family is none of your commercial enterprises... If you choose paintings forty+ hours out of doors the home, you cross girl!

“If you choose to forgo a career to raise your kids complete-time – hell, yes! More electricity to each sort of mamas due to the fact BOTH work so difficult in one of a kind methods.”

Secrets Of Shaolin Leaps and Jumps

The 72 Secret Fighting Exercises or ‘Kings’ of the Shaolin Temple contain worrying schooling extremes critical to their mastery. Jumping and jumping skills like those verified in Kung Fu films may be gained via this example.

Technical Analysis

The Shaolin Jumping Exercise is good for obtaining internal power and growing Qi. However, constant Exercise, strong will-energy, and backbone are had to bring about success. The Exercise is one in every set referred to as ‘Light Body Arts’ and is of the Yin/Rou Internal Energy Training variety.



Stage 1

Dig a one-foot (30 cm) deep pit capable of easily accommodating two humans. Next, lead (1) weight of about 1 pound (1/2 kg) needs to be attached to the body–shoulders, chest, waist, thighs, or ankles will do for this. After this, the student steps into the pit and then jumps upwards and out of the hole and onto its edge using the energy of his legs. Immediately after this has been finished, the scholar jumps back into the hole and continues Exercise, persevering until they are tired.

When students can soar in and out of the pit without difficulty, they’re geared up for the subsequent level.

Stage 2

The scholar now repeats the Exercise, but the pit is now deepened by one inch (2. Five cm), and the weights carried also are extended barely. Every ten days, two extra oz (50 gm) are delivered to the scholar’s burden, and after a comparable time frame, the pit is deepened by one extra inch.

During this era, college students can also experience excessive leg ache as they persevere with jumping exercises. If this grows unsupportable, the durations among weight and intensity that will increase must be accelerated to 20 days.

After some months, the pit’s intensity may also affect the height of the man or woman inside it. Further, the weights will have multiplied notably over the same period. If college students can now soar in and out of the pit with relative ease, they can be stated to have mastered this art. This time, their burden will have extended to eight to ten pounds (approximately four to five kg). However, a final level remains.

Stage 3

The student now maintains his efforts without the weights. As even more heights can now be finished quite simply, the scholar should now be capable of leaping directly to the tops of walls, outbuildings, and even the roofs of single-tale dwellings easily and without a run-up or coaching.



This Shaolin Secret Fighting Exercise, or ‘Kung,’ is behind the prominently leaping and roof-running scenes in Kung Fu movies. Three years of ordinary education are required to master this art.


. (1) Due to the toxic nature of lead, make sure no longer to hitch any to the skin (and can constantly be used as an alternative).

Sifu Peter Allsop M.Ed. Teaches Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong in Yorkshire and Derbyshire U.K. With nearly forty years of enjoyment, he is Shaolin Fists International Area Instructor for this location and a Senior Student of Grandmaster Yap Leong.

Trained within the U.K. And China, Peter teaches Changquan (‘Longfist’), Wu Xing (5 Animals), Wu Tzu (five Ancestors), Kung Fu, and Five Elements Qigong.

Sheffield Chinese Lion Dance Team Member, he also publishes ‘Red Dragon Martial Arts Ezine.’

Wushu is a legitimate martial art taught in the People’s Republic of China. Wu Shu (“War Arts”) is practiced with the aid of tens of millions in China and is protected as part of the schooling for all police and army employees. Though it is a form of Kung Fu taught in China for centuries, it’s miles an inflexible system and has no attachment to any of the mystical beliefs of the beyond. The government is more concerned with theh the physical factors of the martial artwork, and nonsecular thoughts have been replaced with propaganda and political schooling, which soaked up lots of the scholar’s education time. Scholars not involved in political education may participate in the organization and partner in physical activities and weapons Exercises.

Contemporary Wushu was created in 1949 as part of the communist authorities’ attempt to make a countrywide recreation. However, humans have already been more than happy with the martial arts styles. All previous types of Kung Fu had been outlawed, and even the Shaolin clergy members have been greatly restricted. In recent years, the government has attempted to take the politics out of sports activities, but with confined success due to how repressive the authorities are in popularity. Still, tournaments have been strolling since the early 1990s, and the sport is practiced outdoors in China. The two Wushu bureaucrats practiced are Paulo and Sanda, but neither is suited for self-defense.

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