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Bridgewater police looking to identify computer thief

Bridgewater police asked for the public’s help in identifying a male suspect who allegedly stole a Fed-Ex package deal with a laptop in it from Walgreens last week.

BRIDGEWATER- Police ask the general public for assistance figuring out a person who allegedly stole a package deal with a PC from Walgreens last week. Police released a surveillance image of the suspect on their Twitter web page, which confirmed a heavyset white male with brown hair.

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The sufferer spoke with police on Sunday to file that someone had stolen their Fed-Ex bundle, which had a Dell computer, from Walgreens at four Central Square, as stated in the Bridgewater police log.

The victim told police they believed the incident occurred sometime on Friday, July 14, as stated in the log. Police said the suspect was driving a tan SUV-style car. Police urge absolutely everyone with records to contact Bridgewater police Det. Joseph Demoura at (508) 697-6118.

Methods of Computer Networking

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Computer networks may be labeled into three vast categories.

Local location network (LAN)

A neighborhood area network stays restrained in a tiny space. It is beneficial in supplying services to a small number of human beings. Networks in small places of work and homes are a few examples of LAN. Small workplace and Home networks are peer-to-peer networks wherein minimum aid is used, and every customer stocks their assets with other workstations within the community.

Another LAN is a customer-server community wherein each client remains connected to the server and each other. Servers in client-server networks are of various capacities. There are two varieties of client-server networks:

Single-provider servers appear as unmarried assignments, say, as a file server. Print servers have a couple of responsibilities, conveyed as report servers or print servers, carrying out calculations and imparting information to the patron on the foundation of a result of the measures. Ethernet cables, Wireless networks, or wires that include electricity strains or telephone lines can connect computers in LAN.

Wide area community (WAN)

A wide kind of source is deployed in WAN. These networks span not only over the massive home place but also internationally. The connectivity of computers in branch offices of a company is an instance of WAN. But the greatest WAN on the earth is the Internet, a network of several smaller networks. Besides the Internet, every other significant WAN is a Public Switched Telephone Network, which converges rapidly with the Internet technologies.

Wireless networks (WLAN, WWAN)

A Wi-Fi network is based on information transmission over sets of radio transceivers. It’s far the same as a LAN or a WAN. The only distinction is that no wires exist between hosts (clients) and servers. These styles of networks are useful for places wherein putting in place stressed networks is either too high-priced or inconvenient. It uses IEEE media access protocols for LANs. For connecting nodes over a larger distance, satellite TV for PC communications of diverse purposes or cell radio or Wi-Fi neighborhood loops are in vogue. But speed and speed of data transmission vary largely depending on the conversation used.

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