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Budget travel around the world

I am traveling worldwide with just a laptop and an internet connection. I aim to travel for at least six months and see as many countries as possible.

I’m a blogger and entrepreneur who loves traveling. I spend most of my time on the road and always try to do as much as possible.

Learning the local language is one of the best things you can do on the road. There are many incredible travel destinations worldwide, but some are even more incredible because they speak English.

There are countless opportunities to learn a new language, and I want to share the best ones so you can travel the world without spending a penny.

How do you know your best options to travel the world? Do you know what to look for in a country you would like to visit and where to see it? Do you know where you should start or end your trip? Do you have any idea how much your trip will cost you? If you answer yes to these questions, you might benefit from reading this guide.

Budget travel

Tips for Budget Travelers

If you’re looking for ways to save money while traveling, you’re in the right place.

I live in Asia and have compiled a list of my favorite ways to save money on food, accommodation, and entertainment.


It’s a fact that food is more expensive in Asia than in Europe. However, you can still find inexpensive eats by using a few tricks.

First, find out where you’re staying. If you’re staying in a cheap hotel, ask the receptionist if they can recommend a local market nearby. Ask the concierge for recommendations if you’re staying in a high-end hotel.

Second, look for places that serve “home cooking”. These are often smaller establishments, and you’ll usually find the chef making your meal himself.

Third, try to stay away from chain restaurants. They’re usually expensive, and the food quality isn’t always the best.


You don’t necessarily have to stay at the cheapest hostel in town. Instead, look for accommodations that are near the city center.

You can find some great deals on Airbnb on a tight budget. Look for houses, apartments, or rooms close to the city center.

You can also find some nice, affordable hotels in a touristy area.


You don’t have to spend a fortune on entertainment. For example, you can rent a bike cheaply and visit local markets and restaurants for less.

You can also check out free activities that are held in the evening. Many cities will have traditional dance, music, and martial arts events. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to try something new and fun.

Tips for finding cheap flights to visit all the major destinations in the world

As you can imagine, flying around the world is not an easy task. Most of the time, the price of a flight depends on how far you want to go.

You can buy a ticket to fly from one major city to another or a key that allows you to travel between multiple cities.

The former option is much easier and cheaper. However, the latter option might be better if you want to visit more than five cities.

Regardless, you should still check out the prices of flights to all the cities you’re interested in.

To start, you can use a free tool such as Skyscanner or Hipmunk to compare the prices of flights to any destination worldwide.

However, these tools don’t allow you to sort by cheapest flight. To find the cheapest flight, you’ll need to look at the price of all flights from one airport to another.

Tips for getting around the world on a budget

When I travel, I like to keep costs down. I’m usually staying in hostels, and I never stay in hotels. The hostel prices can be very low, especially if you look at Airbnb, where the same room costs under $50.

Also, I like flying like to fly, so I rarely take an airplane anywhere. Instead, I take buses, trains, and boats. These are much cheaper than flying; you can find flight deals if you book early.

As an entrepreneur, I have no problem sacrificing convenience. I don’t mind taking a bus instead of a cab or going on a train instead of a flight.

My only rule is that I never spend more than I can afford. If I stay in a hostel, I’ll save money by avoiding expensive hotels.

Where to stay in the world

I’ve been living on the road for almost three years now, and I’ve accumulated a lot of tips and tricks that I use when traveling to save money and stay comfortable.

Here is a list of where to stay in the world. It includes both budget and luxury options.

If you’re starting, you may want to stick to more affordable locations for a few years before saving for a luxury location.

Frequently asked questions about budget travel. 

Q: I’m looking into traveling the world but unsure where to start. What are some of the best places to start?

A: Traveling the world is not as easy as it seems, but it can be worth it if you are willing to put in the time and effort.

Q: How should I save money on my trips?

A: Try to find airfare deals or stay in hostels. Hostels tend to be cheaper than hotels. You also don’t need to bring as much stuff. Don’t spend too much money on souvenirs! Try to go local instead. For example, you could buy spices from a small village in India instead of buying a bottle of vodka from a liquor store.

Q: What’s the best city to stay in on a budget?

A: There are many ways to save money on a budget, but if you can afford it, my favorite way is staying in boutique hotels.

Top myths about budget travel 

  1. Budget travel is a waste of money.
  2. Budget travel is expensive.
  3. Budget travel is a quick way to travel.
  4. Budget travel is just for backpackers.


Nowadays, traveling the world without breaking the bank is easier than ever. You can even visit some of the most remote places in the world for free.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, there are plenty of ways to do this. But it’s important to note that this may mean compromising on things like service and food.

You’ll be fine if you plan and save wisely. And if you don’t want to compromise, you can still visit some of the most remote places in the world for free.

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