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New York, NY — In her new e-book, I Lost Me When I Found You: Stop Chasing False Idols and Awaken Your Inner Goddess, Harlem-based totally creator Miss T.N. King makes use of her own experience with bouts of lackluster non-public relationships, place of business drama, and social troubles to inspire women to reconnect to their divine identity. But in an age of police brutality, misogyny, #MeToo, and cultural appropriation, how exactly can Black women and girls of color nurture their relationship with their Higher Self while also keeping off attacks at each perspective politically, professionally and internally?

Have you ever lost yourself? Have been five simple words that set King on her quest of writing I Lost Me. Feeling on my own in her journey as a black lady in New York City’s company America, Kinginterviewed 50 girls across the US, Africa, and abroad who helped her find solace in sisterhood and aid thru their stories which also seem within the e-book. “I become already woke up to my motive, however in early 2018, I devoted to it,” shared King in a recent Virtual Book Launch Q&A. “We all have something in the commonplace. Even the girl you hate or shade has something to share, something to train you because we are all linked.” The names of the interviewees were changed to admire the individuals.

A former 2016 Miss Illinois USA contestant, King made headlines for viral weblog posts along with “The New Side Chick: I Was Here” (which hit 1.5 million views in the future) and “3 Reasons Every Woman Should Go On A Man Fast,” which brought about coverage at Source Magazine‘s Her Source in 2015. King weaves interviews, inspirational rates, and biblical scriptures through her modern launch, affectionately known as #TheLittlePinkBook. She released her #ILostMyself campaign encouraging girls to percentage their stories of times after they’ve stepped off their course or far away from their motive.

I Lost Me When I Found You functions 9 packed chapters with quite some assets and stop-of-bankruptcy physical activities that assist black women to reclaim their time, release defeatist outlooks, and very own their motive. Some of the topics included within the ebook include Love & Relationships, Money & Career, Image & Ego, and Divine Identity. It is for pre-order on Amazon (Kindle) for $9.99 and King’s website at www.Misstnking.Com. Hardcover is available on Amazon for $34.Ninety-nine.

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