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Conor McGregor has changed fashion

He stated: “The menswear business in Ireland has loads to thank Conor McGregor for.

“He gave the company a shot in the arm.

“All the younger lads and those have sold into it.

“His effect on health has been massive; lads are in higher shape and getting slim in shape fits.

“They’re more healthy and searching higher.

“McGregor has a large part to play in that.”

EJ Menswear save proprietor Eamonn Cunningham with Nathan Carter (Image: EJ Menswear Facebook)
Eamonn offers The Notorious 29-12 months-vintage each chance of beating the undefeated Floyd Mayweather.

Conor McGregor has changed fashion 3
The Dubliner visited EJ menswear in February 2014, just earlier than his UFC profession took off.

Eamonn became impressed by using him.

He brought: “You may want to see that he was so determined and centered around him.

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“There changed something about him, and I wasn’t a large fan of MMA at the time; however, the lads all knew him.

“When we met him, aside from being a good person and having the banter, you could see he turned targeted on what he changed into doing.”

EJ Menswear has over fifty-six 000 fans on Facebook, and their films have been considered in over 2 million instances.

Eamon appreciates how crucial social media has emerged for his menswear store. He said: “We cross all out with our films whether or not we’re pronouncing a sale or a huge event. “Our Facebook fans are all organic; we grew and didn’t buy them. “95% of them are in Ireland, so they’re on our doorstep. The relaxations are ex-pats and those who’ve traveled.

“I in no way saw myself doing a little of the antics that I’m at; however, it’s precise for the enterprise, and it works.” Eamonn is happy to cater to clients who cannot make it to the shop every week using

He stated: “Our logo, EJ Menswear, has advanced so much; we have human beings traveling across the United States. “It changed into an herbal progression, and humans might say to us if we concept about commencing a store in exceptional towns, but we’d locate it very difficult to duplicate what we’ve got here at EJ Menswear.

“We wanted to provide people who mightn’t be up each week via going online.

“That has labored in nicely for us.

“We do free next-day shipping from Sunday to Thursday.

“Through the internet site, we get mothers and fathers coming in saying that their son had visible something on the internet site.

“It simplifies lifestyles; a variety of moms might buy for their sons.

“The internet site is our subsequent keep, and I’d be more into the non-public touch with people; we want to put that personal stamp on our website too.”

Irish boxing star Michael Conlan is an EJ Menswear patron (Image: Ej Menswear Facebook)
EJ Menswear is helping one of Ireland’s rising boxing stars, Michael Conlan.

Eamon stated: “The opportunity got here up to get concerned with sponsorship.

“We thought it’d be a great suit for our online website.

“We like his image and his character, his experience of fashion.

“Michael Conlan is similar to McGregor in the experience that he talks the communicates and walks the walk.”

Irish boxing megastar Michael Conlan with EJ Menswear garments (Image: EJ Menswear Facebook)
Country and Music stars, including Nathan Carter and his brother Jake, are saved regulars. Eamon said: “The Country and Western tune Scene is bigger than it ever became.

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