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Cop used police computer to vet girlfriend

A police sergeant used his account and his colleague’s account on five separate occasions to do a couple of searches on his female friend at the workplace’s restrained computer device.

Yesterday, Hafiz Hamzah, 30, who has been suspended from obligation because Dec 20 last year, was jailed for one month and eight weeks on ten counts of computer misuse and one every of perverting the route of justice and criminal intimidation. Twenty- other charges had been taken into consideration in sentencing.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Haniza Abbass said the Central Police Division research officer befriended Ms. Maizurah Abdullah, then 25, in August 2015 and commenced dating together. Between August and October, Hafidz logged onto the Criminal Records Office (Cross) and the Frontline Officers’ Computerised System portals in the Police Cantonment Complex to do searches on Ms. Maizurah, the usage of her name, cell variety, and identity-card range. The outlets, which come beneath the Home Affairs Ministry, may be used most effectively for reputable functions.

Cop used police computer to vet girlfriend 3

He used his login information or those belonging to a colleague, Inspector Muhammad Ismail Jalil – which he obtained in September, saying it turned into work-related functions – to get entry to police reviews.

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He became observed while using Insp Ismail’s login information to enter the Cross portal for paintings after his admission to rights was revoked because of his imminent switch to Rochor Neighbourhood Police Centre. In November 2015, throughout investigations, Hafidz said he no longer realized Ms. Maizurah. He had additionally told her to lie that she did not understand him after assuring her that the police would not question her further if she denied knowing him.

In February last year, Hafidz got here easy when faced with the effects of his screening history. On the price of crook intimidation, the courtroom heard that Hafidz came to know a girl who had stayed in a Geylang hotel in March for the last 12 months, and they started a-courting.

During a heated row on Feb 27, this 12 months, approximately his Facebook searches on his former female friend, Hafidz, hit the lady. He took her cell smartphone and threatened to submit photographs online of her inside the nude.

District Judge Chay Yuen Fatt said that a sturdy signal has to be dispatched to discourage law enforcement officials from abusing their function and committing computer crimes. Responding to a media query, a police spokesman stated disciplinary court cases could be taken against Hafidz following his conviction.

Top 25 Terms All Computer Students Should Know

The following fundamental terminologies are taken into consideration as the top 25 terms all laptop college students must understand before they even begin their studies:

1. Bit: Binary data storage unit valued at one and zero.

2. Byte: Eight information bits valued between zero and 255.

3. Word: Two statistics bytes or 16 information bits valued between 0 and 16,535.

4. CD-ROM: A storage disk with approximately 640 megabytes of capacity.

5. CD-ROM Drive: Hardware used for analyzing and writing to CD-ROMs.

6. Storage Media: Magnetic devices that permanently save PC records.

7. File: Permanent storage structure for information stored on a difficult force or another permanent vicinity.

8. Virus: Unauthorized programs that infect files or send themselves through email.

9. Vulnerability: When unauthorized get right of entry may be received because of software mistakes.

10. Security Flaw: When attackers take advantage of an unauthorized system and get entry because of a software computer virus.

11. Worm: Unwanted packages having access to computer systems through application/system vulnerabilities.

12. Hardware: Physical components of a computer (case, disk pressure, monitor, microprocessor, etc.).

13. Software: Programs that run on a PC device.

14. Firmware: Software that has been completely written right into a laptop.

15. ISP: Internet Service Provider.

16. BIOS: The primary input/output machine computer systems use to interface with gadgets.

17. MIME: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension.

18. Boot: What happens while a laptop is turned on and starting to run?

19. Crash: Packages fail to reply when laptop software errors arise.

20. Driver: Program that is familiar with interfaced devices like printers and video playing cards.

21. Network: Cables and other electrical additives sporting facts between computers.

22. Operating System: A picture center software element.

23. Parallel: Sending records over a couple of lines simultaneously.

24. Serial: Sending records over an unmarried line one bit at a time.

25. Protocols: Communication methods and different fashionable Internet/networking functions.

These are the top 25 phrases all computer college students need to understand before beginning their technical schooling. Most laptop college students understand an awful lot more. Nowadays, everyone who uses a PC must recognize these phrases better to understand the vital devices crucial to our daily lives.

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