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Fashion is a reflection of beauty and details

“The simple definition of couture is excessive-end fashion, wherein complex details and designs are sewn to perfection. However, traits and style are ever converting; they evolve every season,” the designer said while requesting approximately the evolution of couture in India.

“I consider it’s far essential that a dressmaker puts all his idea and mind to design a garment that reflects his personality preserving in thoughts the today’s traits,” Gangwani said.

“Indian couture could be very various. Designers have many factors to take inspiration from, be it monuments, nature, cultural range, or geographical differences. Indian couture has come to an extended manner and is extremely popular globally,” he added.

Gangwani is one of the few names exhibiting their couture line at India Couture Week (ICW), beginning on July 24.

The seven-day event will witness the grand designs displayed on the runway via Manish Malhotra, Anita Dongre, Rina Dhaka, Gaurav Gupta, Tarun Tahiliani, Anamika Khanna, Rohit Bal, Anju Modi, Monisha Jaising, and lots of others.

Regarding his collection for the fashion week, Gangwani stated that his range is referred to as”  ‘India @ 70’ that’s an amalgamation of the wealthy history of India alongside modern-day edgy factors that are incorporated in every garment”.

Fashion is a reflection of beauty and details 3

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“The proposal for this collection from the atelier of Manav Gangwani (the brand) has been taken from diverse areas in India. I have included elements of design from exceptional regions like Kashmir reflecting jam was, bandhani of Rajasthan and brocades of Varanasi,” he informed IANS.

“I consider that through this series, I have showcased the satisfaction of what India has to provide,” he added. The designer, who has styled the likes of Kangana Ranaut and others, says the blend of Western style and Indian ethnicity is taking over regularly.

“It’s all approximately breaking the norms and shifting towards a classic combination of style and lifestyle.” “Every season, the style industry attempts to change the stereotypical dressing, moving closer to traits that might be ambitious and glamorous. With every passing season, the style fraternity sees developments in trade. It is critical to feel relaxation in what you wear; do not get over-excited with every passing trend,” he said.

He also feels that “fashion is an art, and while two different cultures fuse, they bring about something wonderful,” so he insists on the fusion of Indian and Western silhouettes.

“Fashion is a mirrored image of splendor and info when western elements are fused with Indian beauty or vice-versa, it results in a stunning attire.”

Gangwani stated, “It is essential to add Western factors to conventional clothes; this makes them extra wearable. Western factors incorporated may be within the shape of silhouettes, textures, motifs, color, and design. A balanced amalgamation of Indian and Western creates an extraordinarily visually appealing outfit.”

Besides ICW, the designer continuously incorporates new designs and silhouettes into his current collections. He feels that the cutting-edge Indian female has become bold in dressing and has slowly moved far from stereotypical fashion traits. (IANS)

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