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The signal is a unfastened, end-to-end encrypted messaging provider. You can ship text messages or pics and region telephone calls. The signal does not shop meta data or keep messages. It can be downloaded for iOS and Android. More information can be located at the Signal internet site.


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1. Make a YouTube channel

A YouTube channel is not only very easy to make but also easy to manage. According to most internet marketers, the video is the future of traffic as it continues to grow at a rapid pace year after year. So if you are not into blogging yet, you may begin your internet marketing journey by opening a YouTube channel. Additionally, you can repurpose things to your blog from your YouTube channel when your blog is up and running.

2. Build social media presence

Facebook alone has over one billion active monthly users and other social media such as Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest have hundreds of millions of users as well. Social media allow you to connect with your target audience on a whole new level.

3. Create your personal blog/website

As an internet marketer, you should have a blog or website of your own. You need it because it gets you targeted traffic and allows you to build your brand. Above all, it helps people find you in search engines.

4. Keep track of your numbers

Setup Google Analytics for your blog. It will allow you to know which contents are doing well and which ones are doing poorly.

5. Email marketing

Setup email marketing campaign right before your site goes live. Start collecting emails right away. You can offer some freebies so that people are encouraged to sign up to your newsletter. There are a number of companies available on the web that offer both free and paid email marketing services to website owners. Some popular email marketing service providers are Aweber, MailChimp, Convertkit, Constant Contact etc.

6. Start podcasting

A podcast show is just like your own little radio show. You can use various platforms to host and stream your podcast files. Sites like Apple iTunes, Libsyn, Podbean, SoundCloud etc. offer podcast hosting services. You can also use Archive.org that offers podcast hosting for free (unlimited disk space and bandwidth).

7. Content redistribution

Learn how you can repurpose your existing contents and redistribute them on sites like LinkedIn Pulse, Ezine Articles, Hub Pages, Medium and other authority sites. Also post alternative versions of your YouTube videos to other streaming sites such as Dailymotion, Vimeo etc. Turn your videos into the slideshow using MS PowerPoint and then share them on SlideShare.

8. Help people solve their problems

Create accounts on Quora and Yahoo Answers. Find out questions that are related to your niche. Try to answer questions and mention your website/brand name in your answers if relevant.



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