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How to Handle Unexpected Absences With A Time Card App

For many companies, employees are the lifeblood of their business, and when one or more are absent, it can hurt productivity and profits. However, tracking employee time and attendance manually is nearly impossible and requires a lot of micromanaging and wasted time.

Time Card App

A time card app lets you easily track employees, figure out schedules, see who’s absent and take action to do something about it. There are several ways to use a timekeeper app to handle unexpected absences.

time card app makes scheduling a breeze so that if there is a last-minute absence, you can find a replacement quickly and easily, assuming you have the available personnel.

With a time and attendance app, you can see who is scheduled and who is not in real-time. And should an unfortunate absence occur, there are tools available to add someone in to cover an extra shift or alter schedules to have other employees work longer or come in early to make up for the absence.

Being able to update schedules quickly and on the fly allows businesses to be more flexible in unexpected events. Flexibility means more productivity, increased profits, and an improved team time tracking process.

Notifications Help to Address Absences

Another benefit of a timesheet management app is the ability to send notifications to employees and management. Employees can be notified early of an upcoming schedule to reduce the likelihood of absences, and managers can be notified immediately if an employee misses their shift. Staying up to date in real-time helps businesses combat absences by giving them an immediate warning.

Knowing who is absent and how often also gives managers the ability to address any potential issues causing the absences, such as illness or inconvenient scheduling. The problem can then be rectified, and the employee can be able to retain their position. This improves morale and productivity while reducing employee turnover.

In addition, if the absences are not related to personal issues and instead just a lack of care for the job, the employee can be terminated before they cause further problems for the business. Companies and managers can save a lot of grief and time caused by unproductive workers by weeding out any poorly performing employees.

Reduce Future Absences With Time Off Requests

A time card app lets you mitigate absences by allowing employees to quickly and easily request time off. The request is then sent to a manager and either approved or denied. Quickly responding to time off requests helps employees plan out things they need to do and gives managers advance notice of when employees will be out.

Planned absences are much easier to deal with than trying to handle a last-minute absence or move staff around. Employers that know which employees are available ahead of time can handle situations much better and meet demand easier.

Put Employees on Call in Case of an Emergency

A great benefit of a time card app is tracking employee hours and schedules and making adjustments in real-time. Businesses can use this to combat absences by having employees who have time left in their schedule remain on call in case of an emergency. Of course, having them on-call doesn’t necessarily mean they are scheduled, but they are available to come in should someone else be absent.

This is great for businesses that need flexible employees who can work different shifts or get more hours. What’s more, it’s a way for employees to prove their value to the company and businesses to maintain high productivity even when the unexpected happens.

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