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Local charity to be featured

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. – It’s the easy matters in lifestyles that sometimes we take without consideration, like an easy shave or a smooth bathe.

A Riviera Beach-primarily based charity has been elevating the spirits of our most inclined populace in Palm Beach County, giving loose showers and hygiene materials to people experiencing homelessness. And now, the reason has stuck the attention of NBC. The Wall game show decided on Palm Beach County locals Chris Bentley and his sister for their work in our community.

Last year, Bentley-based Live Fresh was the first charity carrier of its type in Palm Beach County. It’s a mobile unit entire with six restrooms that bring loose showers and hygiene elements to people experiencing homelessness across the vicinity.


Local charity to be featured 3



“To have the stresses of the day weigh on you. And then to now not have the potential to scrub that off,” Bentley said in an interview with WPTV’s Alanna Quillen for the duration of a free hygiene occasion at St. George Episcopal Church in Riviera Beach on Thursday.

This will suggest the difference between a brand new process or entering into a shelter for an area to sleep for hundreds across the location.

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Freddie Cooper is one of the masses who take benefits of Live Fresh every week. He has been without a home for about three years. “We do things like anybody else does. We don’t have a home,” he stated.

Cooper said instances were difficult considering his wife died. His grief led him to the streets. “She had an illness of breast cancer, and it got stuck too late,” he said. “It took me some time to get over her demise. It took me some time, but I’m OK now. I’m myself now.”

On Thursday, an easy shower and a clean shave became all it took to make him smile. “It feels proper, makes me look desirable. I feel excellent!” he said with fun. Bentley said he came up with the concept even after attending high school in New York City. “I become capable of stumble upon a variety of folks who had been in a very horrific vicinity,” he stated.

After receiving a furnish for $ 100,000 from Impact of the Palm Beaches, Bentley released Live Fresh in March 2016. The non-income has accelerated to Fort Lauderdale and Miami, with hopes to unfold throughout the country. It’s even been featured in the Huffington Post and People.

“When I’m in a terrible vicinity, and I’m not feeling my high quality, the first aspect I do is take a bath, shave, and put on a nice shirt. So that when I appear inside the mirror, I like the character I see on the other end,” he stated. “For us, it became that simple. How will we bring that concept to the homeless network?”

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