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Net thinks she is wearing a mangalsutra

Actress Priyanka Chopra is currently enjoying Assam, but one in every one of her photos goes viral on social media for some apparent motives. Yes, now, the woman shared a photograph on a flight wherein she may be seen sporting an accessory on her wrist that looks similar to a mangalsutra. This has left the net confused. PeeCee’s fans are wondering if the female has already tied the knot. Well, the actress has usually been tight-lipped about her courting.

When she changed into asked at the equal on filmmaker Karan Johar’s superstar speech display, Koffee With Karan, the female stated that every time there’s a ring on the finger, human beings will know.


The wedding ceremony season has already begun in the enterprise. After Anushka Sharma-Virat Kohli, Milind Soman tied the knot with her girlfriend Ankita Konwal. Now, reports are doing the rounds that Sonam Kapoor is prepared to take wedding vows with Anand Ahuja on May eight. Priyanka’s fanatics are also looking ahead to the lady to speak about her marriage plans.


The actress has been sharing many snapshots from her experience with Assam. She even performed Bihu with younger ladies. It is known to all that Priyanka is busy and has been touring unique nations attributable to her work commitments.

Lately, she seemed on many talk shows to sell Quantico Three. The woman also signed a Bollywood film, Bharat, alongside Salman Khan. The movie, directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, is prepared to hit the monitors on Eid 2019.

Indian Brides – Why Do They Wear a Mangalsutra?

The rite wherein the groom takes the oath and ties the 3 knots around the bride’s neck in the presence of a clergyman reciting the Vedic hymns is called “Mangalya Dharanam,” meaning “wearing the auspicious.” Wearing a mangal sutra gives a lady the status of a spouse. She is expected to wear these lifestyles until her husband is alive.


After the wedding, on an auspicious day, mangalsutra is worn as a necklace fabricated from gold and black beads strung collectively on rings, thread, or gold chains. Usually, the groom’s circle of relatives, consistent with their customs and traditions, picks out the mangal sutra’s layout. It may be a single or chain that ends in an extraordinary pendant of gold or diamond. Everything relies upon the financial popularity of the groom’s circle of relatives.

What does the mangalsutra symbolize?

Mangalsutra isn’t always flowery jewelry. It has great importance and fits within the lifestyles of a married Hindu female. It symbolizes love, acceptance as true, and the marital bliss of a couple.

Most of the conventional mangalsutras have cups that are hollow on one aspect and raised on the other. The open elements face the frame. It’s a notion that Goddess Shakti resides there, and consequently, the divine power receives accrued there.

Hindus consider the mangalsutra to represent the lord Shiv and Shakti. The gold inside the mangal sutra represents Shakti, while the black beads are the 1/3 eye of Lord Shiva and are thought to shoo away the evil eyes.

A mangal sutra awakens the inner consciousness of the woman and is a consistent reminder of her husband. It’s believed that mangalsutra is the Fire Element that gives a woman the power of desire, know-how, and motion.

Mangalsutra reminds a girl of her responsibilities in the direction of her husband in her marital life. According to the principles of Hindu dharma, mangalsutra is the code of righteousness for married women.

Do current women put on a mangal sutra

Today’s women are not live-at-domestic wives, specifically those living in urban areas. They go out to paintings and are reluctant to wear mangalsutra with their designer enterprise fits. They might not want to wear a heavy, complex gold mangal sutra.


For instance, the designs of mangalsutra have also been modified visibly. The modern-day trend is putting on short, glossy, unmarried string chain finishing in a small fashion designer diamond pendant. However, black beads to ward off evil eyes remain intact. It additionally symbolizes the sanctity of the organization of marriage.

Diamond Mangalsutra – A Trendy Touch to Indian Tradition

Mangalsutras form an essential part of any Hindu marriage accomplished in step with Vedic rites. It, not the handiest, symbolizes the uniting of souls in the marriage union; it’s also a symbol of her husband for a woman. The black beads that form a first-rate part of the Mangalsutra are considered auspicious and believed to keep any evil intentions off. Usually, ladies put on it till their husbands die. A married woman even wears it to her funeral pyre.

Traditionally, a Mangalsutra is fabricated from a string of black beads with a pendant. It normally has two lines and is interspersed with gold or silver beads. With changing instances, the cost of Mangalsutra has no longer changed but has affected its looks loads. Young women are more inclined to be closer to present-day mangalsutras and look for out-of-the-field designs. With a craze for dressmaker mangalsutras, an awesome range of the latest and cutting-edge techniques has arisen. With the concept of ‘Diamond is Forever,’ the gold pendant in a Mangalsutra has rapidly been changed through a diamond pendant. Most designers at the moment are promoting diamond Mangalsutras.

Women commonly love diamonds; a diamond Mangalsutra is a super mixture of culture and fashion. It is going nicely with nearly all varieties of attire, too. A mild diamond pendant with a thin chain of black beads goes thoroughly with any dress. It not only compliments Indian attires like a saree or salwar healthy but additionally gels properly with Western casuals. Women carrying denim and Kurtis can, without problems, take a diamond Mangalsutra in style. If the Mangalsutra is made without gold or silver beads, it seems like a simple black chain with a diamond pendant and makes an awesome accent for Western formal attire. Diamond Mangalsutras have bridged the gap between being conventional and being elegant.

Diamond Mangalsutras are available in all major jewelry showrooms across the usa. Most of the massive jewelry manufacturers have their precise collections. However, finding a diamond Mangalsutra in smaller towns may be a venture as not many huge manufacturers have no longer opened shops in one place. The internet will become a perfect jewelry shop medium for small towners. Since most corporations want to amplify their online businesses, you can expect nice offers and gives online. Almost all large manufacturers are gift lines, so hunting for one is a bit of cake.

The first-rate manner of buying diamond Mangalsutra online is to test out jewelry aggregator portals. They come as a marketplace vicinity for all the main jewelry manufacturers and subsequently show a super area to test out, compare, and buy jewelry online. You can choose as in keeping with your finances, the desire of your metal, preference of logo and design. Every data regarding the product is to be had, so you do not need to run to a jeweler to test out the specifications of a chunk of jewelry.

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