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ProDAD Ports Mercalli Video Stabilizer to Mac OS

ProDAD has launched Mercalli SAL Mac, a new sixty four-bit Mac OS utility that brings the Mercalli photo-stabilization engine to the Mac platform for the primary time.

The software includes video stabilization, rolling-shutter and CMOS distortion correction, fisheye warp elimination, and extra, with the potential to export clips to numerous ProRes formats (along with 4444), H.264/AVC, or JPEG. Features encompass the capacity to manually alter pan shot smoothing, roll stability, dynamic scaling, zoom, and x/y-axis stability to exact dial in the desired impact.

Mercalli SAL Mac has been evolved as a standalone software for Mac as opposed to a Final Cut Pro X plug-in, the organization stated, to improve efficiency when an editor needs to accurate multiple clips earlier than making an meeting in the NLE environment. That also way it may be used along with any NLE, as opposed to one it’s in particular designed to combine with.“Our maximum regularly requested characteristic by ways has been Mac assist, and nowadays with Mercalli SAL Mac, we supply what our users had been clamoring for,” said ProDAD CEO Robert DeMoulin. “Mercalli is the tool video specialists have always relied upon when they have to take rough, shaky, or otherwise unusable video and flip it into cinematic gold.”


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Mercalli SAL Mac is available nowadays for an MSRP of $149, with a 20% cut price in impact until August 30, ProDAD stated.

How to Easily Copy PlayStation 3 (PS3) Games on an Apple Mac

You’ve just sat down to play one in all your preferred video games for the PS3 (Grand Theft Auto, maybe?). You insert the disc and wait for it to load, however then, catastrophe moves. The recreation disc has been scratched and is no longer playable. Looks like you may want some new plans for the night.

The situation defined is certainly one of many reasons you have to copy your PS3 games. PlayStation three games frequently cost in extra of $60, and alternative charges for broken discs upload up. An unlucky reality of gaming is that irrespective of how cautious you are with the game media, through the years wear and tear does, can, and likely will arise.

Up until several months ago, copying PS3 video games changed into a real chore and required use of a PC with special hardware installed. The technique to backup the video games were complex being that copy protections constructed into the man or woman video games had to be cracked or bypassed. Very few people had been capable of correctly create a playable reproduction of a game. That has all changed now.

Feature wealthy software program has been advanced for use on both PC and Mac that allows even the most casual gamer to effects make a duplicate of their entire online game series the use of not anything extra than the clicking of a mouse. The software functions by means of analyzing the authentic sports disc and copying the contents of the disc into system memory. Once there, the reproduction protection, if any, built into the sports disc is analyzed and bypassed if vital. A reproduction of the disc can then be made.

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