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RSS Feed Generator Plugins Review

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Each WordPress weblog has one mechanically integrated RSS Feed. Proper utilization of your weblog’s feed is another way of building inbound links, enabling your web page to get indexed faster, reach more people, and enroll in your blog. The extra human beings enroll in your weblog, the greater fee your website has for Google.

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You can effortlessly discover your blog’s RSS Feed with the aid of clicking on the yellow (PC) or blue (Mac) sign up the right facet of your browser.


Want your Feed to serve you well?

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There are 2 powerful plugins to help you’re taking full advantage of all the RSS feed’s advantages. Both of them will generate new feeds every time you write a brand new submit, and one among them will mechanically ship those feeds to RSS directories!

Web Traffic Genius

Your feed receives publicity and builds links returned in your blog or internet site while submitted to various RSS feed directories. Hopefully, there are masses of such directories. The simplest trouble is how you are willing to spend a good deal of time on such lengthy, guide submission. I choose to automate what I do every time possible and apply my stored time for making strategic decisions, for instance. That’s in which the Web Traffic Genius plugin comes into play. It’s a powerful RSS feed generator and submission device. You can create an installation Web Traffic Genius each on WordPress and non-WordPress websites.

Here are the blessings:

After you put in it on WordPress sites, it robotically generates new feeds to each of your posted posts and sends them to 20 directories (in a few cases, you may need to create your username account, however handiest at the start when you use it for the first time). After you put in it on non-WordPress websites, it also mechanically sends your feed to the earlier than cited RSS directories.

You can create feeds for sites, which do not have the built-in feed. You mechanically construct one-way links to your blog or other websites and pressure more site visitors to it, saving big amounts of time. You build a Page Rank of your website. You can install the software on unlimited numbers of domains. It’s well-matched with PC, Mac, and each operating system.


Anthony & Tony Buchalka from the Web Traffic Genius mention sending the feed to 20 directories, but presently, 2 of them are not running. Fortunately, they are operating on the solution.


It is any other RSS Generator plugin; however, it is only a typical WordPress plugin. After you install it, it generates new feeds to each of your published posts.

The blessings are:

Instead of 1 well-known RSS feed in your blog, you get a new feed every time you publish to RSS directories. Whenever you put up a new publication, you’ll acquire an email informing you about approximately growing a brand new feed with a hyperlink to it. You can install this plugin on limitless numbers of your domain names. It’s well-matched with PC, Mac, and every operational machine.


This plugin works most effectively with WordPress. As against the Web Traffic Genius software program, this plugin doesn’t help with the procedure of RSS submission – you need to do it manually.


Both of the plugins are very useful and powerful. The most effective query is how an awful lot you cost your time when it comes right down to the nitty-gritty guide feed submission.

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