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The flip side of ‘Internet Ban’

The Internet down once more. (May be not nowadays, however, this line has come to be all too familiar with us now) the Djinn is bottled lower back. Everything shall continue to be in peace, the belief is going. With every flutter of a fowl, the Internet will become a casualty. The traces are so fragile that sound of a sneeze by the individual in-price of determining whether this privilege is given to human beings or now not would snap connections. The Djinn is frightening so are its handlers. The monster inside the shape of Internet has assumed gargantuan proportions inside the eyes of those who have their palms on its toggle button. They zip up and zip down from 4G to 3G to 2G to complete snap-down with range of stones in the fingers of pelters, with every sound of a bullet that echoes in valley, with every drop of blood that falls on the soil of Kashmir, with the intensity of assumed anger amongst hundreds, with the statements made by politicians, with the calendars issued via the ones whom they pronounce besides the point or once in a while even with each fiery prime time discussion on television supposed to demonize and abuse a Kashmiri.
Fair enough. Let the djins be bottled, however many questions continue to be unanswered. If most effective 5 percent of the populace are trouble mongers, why is 95% population subjected to the gag? If we anticipate 95% of the populace is scared of 5% who misuse the Internet, those 95% might now not respond to their provocations nor would misuse the Internet, then why need to they be blocked within the manner? If individuals who problem calendars are beside the point and don’t have any takers why does the blockade of net observe each call on Hartal, Chalo or maybe non-violent protest schedules they issue? If there are no human right violations happening and sufficient care is taken that nothing takes place that could emerge as a purpose of embarrassment, why to worry the stream of movies or snap shots circulated via the net. Why should the internet be banned fearing it’d turn out to be a medium to transpire some thing that does not exist.

Internet connectivity is, in truth, the device that could be used to normalize charged up atmospheres. The adolescents between age of 18 and 28 use net for the purposes that preserve them related with the sector, properly things taking place within the world around them, expertise financial institution available at their finger suggestions, huge range of entertainment spanning from having girlfriends to online video games to enhancing creativity aptitude to looking for opportunities for private development and the plethora of matters that keep them busy with.


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With every snap down, this teenager is rendered idle and idle man’s mind is the workshop that caters to all varieties of poor thoughts, manifestations of which are frustration, aggression and the harassed commotion of mental indicators shaping out ordinary effective thoughts into bodily monsters. The cutting-edge teens are fashioned, by way of the distinctive feature of changed instances, into a quick machine handling matters in lifestyles at a lightning pace. He isn’t always equipped to wait and squander his adolescents at the whims of his rulers. He is charged and rebels with fierce ferocity. He would not like analyzing books or sitting with friends on a roadside or playing within the neighborhood fields or gossiping approximately political matters in physical proximity with friends. Instead, he likes having the entirety at his finger suggestions, each news, every taking place and each stuff of amusement

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