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Tips For Painting A Room Like A Pro

Painting a room is a common project that you can do whether you’re a beginner or an expert painter like Maximilian Lang-Orsini. That’s because it’s cheap, painless, and easy to fix if something goes wrong. But, like all projects, you must have a plan before grabbing your roller and brush. That’s the only way you’ll paint your room perfectly and make it look clean, neat, and fantastic.

Painting A Room

Here are some tips that can help you achieve this goal:

  1. Plan

Before starting to paint, you should have a picture of how you’d want the finished project to look. And don’t forget that you can use different colors on your walls. You can paint an accent wall using bold colors and contrasting finishes or shades to highlight moldings. You can also use a refreshing color on the ceiling.

There’s no common rule to planning your painting approach. Please select a style that’ll ensure your walls look perfect as you want them to.

  1. Select Your Preferred Color

Browsing through paint chips and fan decks can be quite overwhelming. So, if you’re a beginner painter, it would be best to use general colors. These may include warm, saturated, or cool shades. If there’s some furniture in the rooms, you should select a shade to complement them. With an idea of what you may be looking for, getting samples and selecting a few shades will be easy. However, you want to test the shadows and see how they look in the rooms during different times of the day.

Most paint companies can help you get perfect colors from their websites. You only need to upload a photo of the room and examine how different colors would fit on it. Testing them out in real space is important because they may differ in the images.

  1. Select The Right Tools And Equipment

Every painting project is unique and may require different tools. The condition of the wall, environment, and paint type will also influence the tools you select. However, you want to ensure that you invest in quality tools. Some painting must-haves include paint, roller, drop cloths, paint brushes, roller extension poles, paint trays, painter’s tape, putty knives, rags, and sandpaper.

  1. Know-How Much Paint You’ll Require

Whether you intend to paint an interior, exterior, or powder room, you should use one gallon per four hundred square feet. However, this is just a rough guideline that most experts recommend. A paint calculator can give you a precise number and is recommended for large painting projects. The beauty of these calculators is that they factor in indoor and window measurements.

If you’re planning to whitewash a grey wall, you may need additional paint to transform it from dark to lighter. Deep color bases may require more paint coats than lighter colors. It would help to paint a grey-tinted primer to the surface before applying a saturated color to reduce the number of layers you’d use.

You may use a glossy finish to give you a higher coverage rate. However, it may not reduce the gallons you’ll need to buy. Highly textured surfaces may require more paint than smooth surfaces.

The Bottom Line

Painting is an art that requires you to have some skills. These tips can help you paint walls and pieces of furniture perfectly.

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