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The metal industry prices have changed over the years, but the change is more bad than good. Whether the metal is tungsten or molybdenum, they all get traded at half their prices in two years. People in the industry have started speculating on metal; they hold on to material until they get better rates. However, you may stockpile metals for better prices, but several other techniques could help maximize the value of scrap metal. Those techniques are as follows:

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Traders tend to separate scarp from mixed loads of material, and even though their business is all about sorting this material, it is sensible to buy a clean load. This sorting from clean bags will enable you to set up a system where steel tools and tungsten will be in separate bins, ensuring that the price for these metals shoots up. Ensure that the sorting process uses less to get more cash in your hands ASAP.


Though the metal industry is good, a few metal traders are comfortable buying material as one type and selling it as another. So when you buy or sell, see the readout and detailed sorting report. Further, spend some time online reviewing current rough estimates of metal prices to gain more excellent knowledge of costs. Prices fluctuate based on quantity and demand.


Metals can get contaminated easily with oil, water, or other materials, which is what the process is. The metal base price will remain the same, but contamination can reduce the amount, especially for steel turnings and titanium scrap. To save the base price of the metal, you may throw a tarp over the scarp to remove the contamination that might have taken place.


If you want to move your metal from one place to another, use metal or plastic drums loaded onto a pallet. Each pallet can carry a weight of 3,000-4,000 lbs. You may save a lot of money transporting the metal as freight costs depend on volume and weight. Once you reduce the delivery cost, then you can maximize your profits.


It would be best to keep your metals like tungsten and other valuable materials locked in containers and cages. If you do not do so, you may reduce your scrap’s value, as metal prices get hurt more by theft than recycling. A locked cage or container will ensure the material is safe and under surveillance. It also ensures that it is kept away from high-traffic areas of your site.

Maximizing the value of your scrap is not so difficult as all you have to do is keep your waste safely till you sell it; this will help you get the best price and quickest turnaround.

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