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What happened when ‘The Bachelorette’ featured a Sikh convert

Dean Unglert took his date, Rachel Lindsay, one of the finalists, to fulfill his father, whom he had not seen for two years. “I am doing my first-rate to ensure she’s as organized as viable,” Unglert said, “but I have not seen my father in two years, so I’m similarly fearful for myself and Rachel walking into this situation.”

Kate Shellnutt, who wrote about this for The Washington Post, says the ultimate time she saw a Sikh on TV was in “The Office,” “in its early seasons after they had a Sikh man or woman who was their IT guy.”

There are an expected 25 million Sikhs worldwide and two hundred,000 to 500,000 inside the United States, Shelnutt reviews. But they remain one of the most misunderstood religions in the US. “Any Sikh appearance [on prime-time TV] is unusual,” explains Shellnutt. “Here we have a person who is a white convert to a religion that originates lower back in India and Pakistan.”

What happened when 'The Bachelorette' featured a Sikh convert 3

The couple meets Englert’s father at a cabin in Colorado. The door opens, and Paramroop Singh Khalsa, as Englert’s father is now known, sits on the ground, surrounded by pillows. He has a long, white beard and is wearing a fuchsia cloak and turban.

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In the quiet, matters didn’t pass nicely with Unglert and his dad. Unglert had a difficult time embracing his father’s existence as a Sikh. Shelnutt says it’s part of a larger rift among the 2.

“He’s setting jabs on his dad for many motives,” she says, “however his religion is a part of their anxiety.”

Meanwhile, the Sikhs that Shelnutt spoke with said they appreciated the truth that their faith becomes supplied on a truth TV display.

“They regarded pretty glad to peer a one-of-a-kind faith,” she says, “to reveal that their faith has ethnic diversity as well and that Sikhs are human.”

Shelnutt says there are those among “Bachelorette” visitors who may have by no means encountered a Sikh, and this is a possibility to get a conversation about the religion commenced.

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