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Wheelchair rugby:

Wales says Harry Jones suffered a seizure in preceding games because of flash photography. They are scheduled for a fifth-located playoff recreation versus Spain on Thursday. “Harry has been carried off on a stretcher because of pictures,” Wales supervisor Mark Andrew Jones stated.

Banning flash photography is not a competition rule at the Rugby League World Cup, but Wales asked match bosses to make bulletins to reach the group and photographers. Wales boss Jones says they’re pushing for it to be introduced most often in destiny tournaments. “There are bulletins and posters at each game regarding flash images. We now remove the crew from the pitch till it’s taken care of,” he stated.

“Harry has to photograph touchy epilepsy, and flash pictures can affect him pretty badly, to the factor of a seizure. “He has needed to be carried off on a stretcher due to flash photography.

“We made the organizers aware we’d request no flash photography, and the organizers were useful in making that happen.

“It isn’t always a rule, but Wales Rugby League will take it up with global bodies to make it a practice no longer to apply flash images inside the destiny.

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Wheelchair rugby: 3

“If we see flash pictures, the Wales crew will come off the pitch until the hassle is looked after. “If you had seen Harry’s condition, you would no longer see that as a drastic degree… It is all about participant safety.” England plays in the last of the rugby league World Cup on Friday.

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