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With a regulation to promote inter-caste marriages

In a historic move for making India a secular region to live in, Maharashtra authorities plan to introduce a regulation to inspire inter-caste and inter-faith marriages.

This step aims to protect and cozy couples who can be threatened to employ acts of honor killing. The couples — where spouses are from one-of-a-kind religions or castes — should face numerous problems, including social boycotts and the threat of honor killing, state Social Justice Minister Rajkumar Badole informed PTI.


Maharashtra ranks 4th inside the list of honor killings according to National Crimes Record Bureau (NCRB) Data.

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The NCRB, in its report ‘Crime in India 2016 Statistics’, stated that out of a total of sixty-nine such cases stated to it in that year, 8 human beings had been of inter-caste couples killed in the name of ‘honor killing.’


Badole said that the prevailing Special Marriage Act for inter-religion couples has gaps that need to be filled
Various schemes in India promote inter-faith marriages; however, they’re not properly carried out; he mentioned; for example, the Dr. Ambedkar Foundation in Delhi gives Rs 2.5 lakh for such marriages. “Similarly, we are also considering to provide a price range to such couples to start a brand new existence,” stated the minister

Badole additionally mentioned another downside in the existing regulation — if one of the spouses is from a backward community and his/her companion is an inter-caste from the overall class, the kid born to them is likewise deprived of the blessings of reservations and different concessions (given to the backward lessons)


A few days again, the minister held an assessment assembly of the committee to frame the law and asked it to put together the draft in the next two three months. The country government will speak to law professionals from the Muslim community to ensure that the proposed regulation no longer intervenes with Sharia law, said Badole.

The inter-country marriage regulation committee chairman, CS Thul, stated that letters had been sent to all district superintendents of police to are looking for facts approximately the number of proceedings referring to problems faced by inter-caste couples. Protection desires to accept such couples to encourage more human beings (for inter-faith marriages) in the future.
– stated Thul

The invoice also offers a price range for those couples to start and aid new life in case of social boycott.


“The government intends to provide to the children of such couples the benefits that considered one of their mother and father is already getting,” said Badole.

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The government will provide blessings of reservations and special concessions consisting of price waivers to the children born out of inter-religion marriages because the minister said.

Arpit, 27, sociologist, has an as a substitute logical take on the regulation and wherein it falls short:
To promote social inclusion by integrating groups [with the inter-caste marriage law], the state executive is once more giving beginning to another social exclusion approach by way of selling ‘reservation’! Really? Is that a very good-sufficient solution or just changing recognition from one social evil to another?

Advantages of Inter-Caste Marriages

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri, all of those famous couples chose love above their caste and faith. They are the living examples of the perception that love conquers all. In a giant and various united states of America like India, where there are people from all religions and socio-monetary training, inter-caste marriage has ended up a fashion. Caste distinction and communal variations have ended up out of date, and inter-caste marriage is a step closer to the brighter future of an emerging India.

What is inter-caste marriage?

Ancient India became specially divided into four castes- the Brahmins (the knowledgeable), the Kshatriyas (the soldiers), the Vaishyas (the commercial enterprise-class), and the Shudras (the untouchables). For a while, this caste device turned into accompanied. The cast you were born into became the caste you stayed in your whole lifestyle.

But slowly and step by step, people of better castes began getting married to their decrease-caste opposite numbers. When the caste label holds no bar and people marry each other for romance and admiration.

Time has altered the mindsets of many because, today, inter-caste marriage isn’t considered taboo. With the advancement of training and attention, people have started to accept and include them. This marriage is unique in its own way and features a handful of benefits over conventional, internal-caste marriages.

Evoking Tolerance

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Inter-caste marriages have faded the orthodox nature of Indians. People have grown to be tolerable of all the castes and see every other as equals. There is a lesser feeling of hatred among those of various castes. People of different castes have come to be open to learning from and interacting with humans of various backgrounds.

Wider Range of Choices

With the attractiveness of marriages between castes, a person has an increasing number of non-compulsory suitors. The greater alternatives someone has, the better their possibilities are of locating the first-rate fit feasible for their goals and persona.

Better Offspring

Although it’s not unusual information, a marriage of two people from extraordinary castes puts their children at an advantage. Because of the genetic differences that have evolved between the castes marrying inside themselves over thousands of years, these youngsters are genetically sharper than the offspring produced of a union in the equal caste.

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