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WordPress Introduction

WordPress is a web, open-source website introduction tool. It is easy to apply and gives bendy blogging and a website content material management system (CMS) appropriate for beginners. WordPress.Com is likewise a website hosting platform, making it straightforward for everyone to put up on the internet. Please note: This elegance uses the loose version of WordPress.Com (no longer WordPress.Org).

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In this class, learn how to:

  • Create a free account
  • Navigate inside WordPress.Com
  • Make pages and posts
  • Add pics
  • Customize the advent of your website
  • Know a way to navigate the WordPress.Com Dashboard
  • Create posts and pages with pics
  • Adjust important settings inside the WordPress account
If you need to create your personal free account, you will want to so that you can access your email.

How to Create Your First Blog – WordPress Or Blogger?

Creating your first blog!

First, what does weblog stand for? Blog way weblog: the weblog. So you hear how thrilling it is essential to have a weblog? I turned in your same shoes now not too long in the past and turned out to be a true believer in blogging.

So, Why did I not get into blogging a long time ago? Well, absolutely, I failed to see the significance of doing it for myself. While I continuously blogged for the corporations I worked for, just in no way did my personal. So I am right here to help you with some insider pointers and hints to developing a hit blog, the company way, and the expert way.

This tutorial will provide you with all of the basics of creating a blog and some advanced strategies.

Chapter 1: Blog Introduction
Chapter 2: Setting up your Blog
Chapter three: Customizing your Blog
Chapter 4: Blog search engine optimization
Chapter 5: Before you put up
Chapter 6: Spread the phrase
Chapter 7: Navigating the blog Chapter 8: Conclusion

Chapter 1: Blog Introduction

1.1 – Find out what blog is high-quality for you! There are many special types of blogs. I could recommend whichever you experience comfortable with or even attempt each of them. If one does not paintings as nicely for you, drop it and stick with the only one with which you are secure.

1.2 – A tremendous weblog has a nice, however easy, and easy to read layout. What is a weblog for? A blog is for a user to publish topics that he feels brought about proportion. What if your readers have a hard time analyzing the put up, this is why a nice smooth, easy design is a must for a new blog.

1. Three – Have a concept of what the weblog is set. Are you going to be doing “how-to” for human beings, or is your blog just something to publish ideas you have? Maybe your weblog is an area that allows you to publish statistics approximately what’s happening in your own family so that your entire circle of relatives can view and make posts.

1.4 – Find a good subject that suits you and what you are trying to accomplish. There are flash issues that require a bit bit of flash knowledge, after which some issues that you should be able to simply “plug and play.” That approach, your subject will come up with the look and experience you want, and that is all you need to do. I am a sturdy believer in developing a customized topic. I assist you with this, or you could discover many people who will help you. Usually, a custom topic will fee $80-$a hundred.

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Chapter 2: Setting up your Blog

2.0 There are many online blogs available. You need to find one which fits your needs exceptionally and works well with what you are trying to do. There are many blogs accessible are loose, and a few cost cash but publish your blogs to other linking blogs.

Chapter 3: Customizing your weblog

3.0 From bankruptcy 1, you ought to have determined a blog theme this is set up for whichever product weblog you’ve got chosen. Much of those can be observed totally free while a few humans look for an extra custom specialized blog template that usually fees around $50-one hundred.

Three.1 Every page is built with Hypertext Preprocessor, XML, and CSS. You do now not want to change any of the personal home page or XML!! If you do no longer know something approximately, PHP or XML, do now not contact it!! Your blog will no longer paint in case you do. Although converting CSS is straightforward and good enough! I could say, though, to observe a few YouTube films on CSS in case you do no longer realize plenty approximately it.

Three.2 In WordPress underneath Appearance, click on Editor. You will locate the style.Css document. This is where you are going with the intention to do a little change. If you want to change colors, locate the tag that controls the color you’re interested in converting an alternate vintage shade (#242123) on your new one (#ffffff). Again, an awesome concept is to have a strong draw close on CSS, and I advise having the “internet developer” plug-in for Firefox. You can edit the CSS for ANY web page in the world and notice what occurs when you change matters inside the CSS without it saving whilst you near the editor.

Chapter 4: Blog SEO

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four.Zero.Somethings are very smooth to change at the same time as different matters you can not understand. To trade a few SEO, you may download a group of plug-ins. Do a bit of study and download some that humans endorse.

Four.1 The key to Blog search engine marketing is doing everything right and reflect on consideration on EVERYTHING. A lot of things want to be modified for a weblog to be optimized! Although I find that the biggest thing omitted in a blog is human beings being lazy and, in reality, just no longer “optimizing” the web page or post. Fill out all of the information. Make certain your tags are there and that the put-up is keyword rich.

4.2 Quickest results most vital?

Permalinks Optimize your Titles for search engine marketing Optimize your Descriptions Optimize the More text Image Optimization.

Chapter 5: Before you put up

Every Blogger has to have a tick list before he posts on the internet. Here is the first-class tick list to apply.

Bloggers Checklist.

Chapter 6: Spread the Word

6. 0 Get worried about social networks and article submission sites inclusive of this one. Find a group that is associated with your weblog and join and be ACTIVE! Many people will revel in analyzing what you’ve got to mention, such a proportion share proportion.

6.1 Facebook – Facebook is a high-quality source to unfold the word and locate people to percentage your ideas with. I may be developing an Advanced Facebook article for users later, but if you are already on Facebook, use it! Groups are a fantastic aid to percentage thoughts and keep up with new matters within your category. Every post on Facebook or MySpace needs to be informational and exciting to study. Also, do no longer usually submit identical subject matter or situation. Change it up.

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