Eight recommendations to make the maximum of your next flight

Ask someone their evaluations on air journey and chances are you may get an earful. They suppose it’s too uncomfortable. They think it is too luxurious. The airline misplaced their bag or canceled their flight one time 10 years in the past and its miles a grudge they may all the time preserve. Air tour is simply now not a detached shoulder-shrugging type of topic for the general public.

Even so, flying from A to B can be without a doubt painless — likely even satisfying — if you make the most of it. Here’s how!

1. The iciness “lifeless quarter” from January to early March is perhaps the very most inexpensive time to buy home airfares. After early March, some schools move on spoil so fares move up. But there is no magic day of the week or time of year to buy the cheapest airfares.

2. If you’re liable to air illness, try to get a seat over the wings. It’s like sitting at the fulcrum of a seesaw: There’s less movement up and down.

3. A 4-wheeled rolling suitcase is much less likely to get tossed around through airline baggage handlers. They genuinely throw bags down the belly of smaller planes however they’ll roll them in the event that they waft on four wheels. Read greater bags handler confessions.

4. Even if you purchase a ticket on a U.S.-based airline, ensure the flight is operated by a European-based totally accomplice airline (along with shopping for an American, however, flying on British Airways). Even if flying from the U.S., you’ll get higher financial repayment if there’s a postpone or cancellation.


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5. But while flying on a known-U.S. Airline or flying overseas on any airline, U.S. DOT-mandated protections for lost or damaged luggage do not apply. If the fee of your suitcase and its contents is over $1,000 you could buy moderately priced extra valuation from your airline, typically up to $five,000 in value.

6. Many credit score playing cards offer loose and automatic travel insurance for cancellations due to illness or harm or delays and ride interruptions in addition to lost or broken bags. The Chase Sapphire Card and plenty of playing cards co-branded with United and American have especially precise protection. Some Citibank-issued playing cards even cover electronics misplaced or damaged in checked bags, which airlines will now not take obligation for.

7. If you’re susceptible to altitude illness whilst flying, buy a seat at the Boeing 787 Dreamliner or the Airbus A350. The cabins on those planes are pressurized approximately 2,000 ft lower than on different business airliners. You’ll find which you breathe less difficult and sleep better on long flights. The interiors of those planes also are more humid so your nasal passages and eyes, in case you put on contacts, might be extra comfortable.8. Anyone of any age can be a part of AARP, and you will receive journey reductions as a member. For instance, British Airways will deduct $sixty-five off economic system fares, $130 off top rate economy, and $200 off business- and nice spherical-trip fares.

Home Improvement: Cleaning Tips and Tools Article Category

Scrubbing the oven is likely your least favorite family chore, and but it is something that must be performed. It must now not only be accomplished as part of your spring cleaning ordinary, but also on an ordinary foundation.

Whenever you see the oven in a dirty country, you ought to take good enough cleansing movement. Oven cleaning can turn out to be smooth in case you follow a few validated hints. Implement all of them into your ordinary and you will find out simply how easy this undertaking may be.

Mix your own purifier – you don’t really need to a motel to luxurious industrial solutions in relation to cleaning the oven. Instead, you can make your own purifier at home, which is cheap and very effective. White vinegar and baking soda have continually been referred to as a working cleaning duo, but it does wonder on cleaning ovens. Rub the mixture onto the place you need to deal with and go away it there for 30 minutes earlier than wiping off.

Clean shelves – a few human beings don’t want to cast off the oven racks to ease them. Don’t be like those people. If you need your oven interior to be as clean as possible, you ought to remove the racks and location them in a large sealable bag. Fill it with an oven cleaner of your selecting and then go away it for 30 minutes. After that, rinse with water and scrub any stubborn burnt-on meals debris.

Use the right tool – cleaning the oven with an antique toothbrush can save you lots of effort and time. The gentle bristles are best for cleaning food residue and the small size allows for clean maneuvering inside the oven. You can even get an electric powered toothbrush. You can use a glass scraper on the oven ground and door. It will assist plenty if you can do away with the oven door to clean it well.

Fight oil with oil – the greasy build-up within the oven can be without problems wiped clean with oil. What you need to do is upload a few drops of vegetable oil to a paper towel and run it over the greasy regions. You may be amazed by the cleaning final results.

Deal with smells – in case you are not keen on the concept of tolerating cooking smells days after the real cooking is accomplished, you need to do so towards smells. For instance, fish, whilst scrumptious, may be mainly pungent. What you want to do is get two drops of citrus or vanilla essence. Add them in an ovenproof bowl and depart it in the oven till it cools off after cooking.

Banish grease with car wax – if built-up grease at the job is giving you trouble, you may use car wax. Just follow it on a mainly greasy location and wipe away.

26-year-antique self-made millionaire shares 2 hints for breaking into a new industry

You can give you lots of excuses for no longer pursuing a brand new process but in keeping with Brian Wong, a 26-12 months-antique entrepreneur and self-made millionaire, lack of revel in shouldn’t prevent you from making a profession circulate.

Wong, CEO, and co-founder of cellular advertising corporation Kiip is the son of immigrants who labored as restaurant dishwashers after emigrating from Hong Kong to Canada. He skipped 4 years of school and at age 18 he co-founded Kiip, which has introduced in extra than $32 million in venture capital funding and landed clients like McDonald’s and Pepsi.

Speaking at a panel occasion with CNBC Make It, Wong says younger professionals should not allow worry forestall them from doing some thing new. Here are his top two techniques:1. Address your loss of revel in

Whether you are speaking to a supervisor in a job interview or networking with a potential touch, don’t skim over the fact that your heritage isn’t exactly what he or she would possibly assume.

“If there may be a trouble, say ‘I realize it looks like I spent a bunch of time floating around exclusive places, but concentrate there’s a thing approximately me that I had to determine out. And I sooner or later figured it out.'”


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Say what you need to do and how you plan to do it. Getting others to believe in you entails being honest and displaying willpower.

“Your intention must be to get humans to invest in you, no longer your venture,” Wong writes in his book “The Cheat Code.”

2. Demonstrate which you’re already doing that form of work

Instead of ready to locate the proper job name or threat to expose your abilities, take the initiative. For instance, in case you’re trying to break into journalism, start writing on your own time, Wong says.

“No one needs to provide you permission to do some thing. Just do it yourself.”

You may also pitch a brand new task at your modern activity that includes regions of the organization you are interested in gaining knowledge of more approximately or makes use of talents you’re seeking to increase.

“Don’t be afraid of what you can not do,” he writes in his book. Instead, he writes, “Appreciate what you have.”

4 Tips to Coming First in Club Dinghy Sailing Races

So you want to begin coming first as opposed to closing in club racing?

Well, you have come to the proper place! In this text you will learn the way via just 4 easy pointers you could enhance your rating in sailing to get 0.33, 2d or even first location.

These tips are used so little via amateur racers that they usually become final and thinking why the equal pinnacle few keep coming inside the pinnacle positions for racing. The secrets of racing are revealed. Follow them and come to be a membership sailing dinghy champion!

These 4 hints outline an entire race approach that the professionals use to come back so excessive up within the ratings. In the subsequent ten minutes prepare to delve right into the world in which prevailing had turned out to be trendy!

Tip Number One: The Start

Welcome to the race route sailor! The begin is the maximum important part of any race and plenty of newbie sailors do now not recognize the significance of the start in relation to the rest of the race and that is where they move incorrectly.

The begin is the unmarried most crucial a part of the race for most sailors as though they’re only moderately skilled, a terrible start will smash them. Only very professional and experienced sailors can claw back to the pinnacle from a bad start and in case you are reading this article I am assuming you aren’t extremely professional or experienced sailors. I am looking ahead to you to be quite precise, however always coming between ultimate and middle area. You want to stand up there with the professionals and begin to get some wins under your belt.

Well appearance no similarly, the start is the most vital a part of the race.

Here is a list of techniques that you have to use on the line if you want to have a terrific begin and a potentially suitable race:

Get a stop watch! – The variety of humans I actually have visible with out forestall watches on a race is appalling. No wonder it’s so smooth for the skilled sailors to get a few lead over the extra beginner ones. All serious sailing racers need a forestall watch so as to start on time and within the proper location with out being stuck unawares
Learn the Flag types – The flags are there to inform you what is going on in a race. So now not understanding them is infrequently going that will help you apprehend what goes on inside the race. It is incredible really helpful to find an appropriate rule book out of your national cruising organization or the ISAF (International Sailing Federation) and analyze all of the flag kinds so as to be proven at any given race. Preparation makes Perfect!
Learn in which the marks are – If you’re considering club racing often, you then must research wherein the not unusual marks which can be used for racing actually are so that after the committee boat suggests the marks you do not should look at a map continuously at some stage in the race. This kind of coaching is critical for any severe racer.
Do a Transit – This little-recognised tactic is something that very few novice sailors know approximately and proves to be a very beneficial approach in order to have a good start. A transit is in which you find to put the boat between the committee boat and the pin buoy and look for a recognizable item on the alternative facet of the pin. This tells you precisely in which the beginning line is and if there may be a black flag shown, you will recognize whether you are over the road or not.

Steve Cram’s pinnacle 10 guidelines for running a mile quicker than ever earlier than

For runners, each amateur and expert, the mile have failed to close the distance. In the Olympics, center-distance stars like Mo Farah compete for the 5km and 10km golds. On the streets and within the parks, joggers paintings on their (extensively slower) times for the identical distances.Enter Steve Cram, who together with Steve Ovett and Seb Coe shaped the British trio of middle distance runners who led the global field in the Nineteen Eighties. Cram, now 52 and a train, presenter, and commentator, advocates the mile as a good distance for amateur runners.

Mastering the mile, he says, requires operating on your sprinting and patience, giving your training more variety – which in turn approach your frame will get greater out of it.1. Use your longer-distance times as a manual

Whatever your 10km pace is, knock 20 in step with cent off it. If you are walking eight miles according to the hour over a 10km distance, as an example, it really is a six-minute mile. If you have not were given an extended-distance personal quality, be bold along with your mile target. A lot of humans are a bit timid about what they could do.

2. Give your self-time

Everyone wishes effects quickly. But a golfer cannot trade their swing in an afternoon and, likewise, a runner must be patient. It takes approximately 3 weeks for any schooling impact to show. The extra time you supply your self, the better you’ll get.3. Vary your schooling


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The largest mistake human beings make in their mile training is doing the equal component every time. You’ve were given to differing your strolling: tempo, and form of runs, and styles of training.

Four. Do natural pace paintings

Get someone to have a look at your fundamental shape. Fast walking uses your toes and fingers greater. A proper way to introduce that is to do low stage hill sprints to train you to power along with your knees and your palms in a way you don’t generally. Get a few strength in, generate a chunk greater strength.5. Watch fast runners

Look at the manner a person like Usain Bolt trains. It’s all approximately being ballistic, being quick, and being explosive. Watch them practice their stride period.

6. Do c language training

This will assist your speed endurance. Alternate attempt with recovery some times a minute.7. Work to your legs on the gymnasium

Plyometrics – a severe shape of education based on leaping – will help deliver your muscle mass a bit little bit of extra electricity. At the gym, work for your hamstrings, quads, and calves.

8. Keep up your stretching

The chance, while you exchange your training, in which you’re asking your muscle tissue to undergo a range they haven’t got but. Stretching is without a doubt vital.Nine. Practice the path

If you want to run a six-minute mile, visit a tune wherein it’s measured and study what a 90-2d lap feels like. That has to be part of your interval education.

10. Concentrate in your 0.33 lap

If you’re attempting that 4-lap, six-minute mile, the first and 2nd laps have to sense comfy. People normally speed up on the last lap – which regularly manner they get it wrong within the 1/3 lap. You’ve virtually were given to concentrate on maintaining your pace up in that 0.33 lap.

Racing Tips – Top Tipster Templegate’s exceptional horse racing selections

Ffos Las, Musselburgh, Nottingham and Chelmsford come below the spotlight as Templegate gives you his high-quality bets for the day manners PLEASE (nap) made a cracking return to movement at Haydock three weeks ago. His maiden win got here on the easy ground so today’s conditions should suit him.SITAR (6.50 Nottingham, nb) did nicely to win over course and distance final month. The small area turned into towards her at Yarmouth and she or he will experience this go back to the softer floor.

LAMLOOM (7.50 Nottingham, treble) bolted up in an Ayr maiden in June. His neck second on the same tune on his handicap debut turned into an excellent effort and he appears pretty weighted.

Home Based Business – 12 Ergonomic Tips For Your Computer Workstation

When operating from your property office you could be inclined now not to take as many breaks as if you were in a traditional workplace. You may also discover yourself operating for hours earlier than getting up out of your chair because the interruptions are typically fewer to distract you. Because of this, it’s far crucial which you take care of your self – and arm yourself with the simple ergonomics to prevent or as a minimum minimize any physical strain due to laptop paintings.


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Here are 12 pointers for putting in an ergonomic pc computer:

1. Use a very good chair with a dynamic chair returned and seat pan. Sit returned and use it in preference to leaning forward

2. Position the top of display casing 2-3″ (five-8 cm) above eye stage

3. Use a no glare screen, and an optical glass anti-glare clear out in which wanted

4. Sit at fingers duration from the reveal

five. Place your ft on ground or stable footrest

6. Use a document holder, preferably in-line with the laptop screen

7. Keep wrists flat and directly with regards to forearms to apply keyboard/mouse/enter tool

8. Your fingers and elbows must be relaxed and close to body

nine. Center your reveal and keyboard in the front of you so you are not turning to use them

10. Use a bad tilt keyboard tray with a top mouse platform or downward tiltable platform adjoining to the keyboard for fine wrist perspective

eleven. Use a solid paintings floor and stable (no leap) keyboard tray

12. Take frequent quick breaks (micro breaks)

Ideal typing posture: Negative slope keyboard support

In the perfect typing posture, both static and dynamic muscle loads are minimized. This posture is performed whilst the keyboard is under seated elbow peak and the keyboard base is slightly sloped away from the consumer so that the important thing tops are handy to the fingers in a neutral posture. In this function the arms, shoulders, neck and returned can relax, specifically all through short relaxation pauses. Also, on this slightly reclined sitting function the low returned rests in opposition to the lumbar support of the chair, the elbow angle is opened to promote the movement to the decrease arm and hand, the stomach angle, and the popliteal angle (in the back of the knees) are opened to sell blood movement. The feet relaxation firmly upon the floor.

Problem postures:

Desk top keyboard – Typing at a keyboard on a table is a commonplace work posture for plenty computer users. In this function it is difficult to preserve the wrist is in a neutral posture, because the forearms sag as they tire and this puts the wrists into more wrist extension. Also, maximum users should work with their elbows flexed, that could compress the median and ulnar nerves at the elbow and restriction blood drift to the fingers. Working with the forearms sloping up boom muscle loads in the top palms, shoulders, and neck. Working on this role for extra than 3-four hours invariably leads to muscle fatigue.

Conventional keyboard tray – Typing at a keyboard on a traditional articulating keyboard tray can boom postural problems for users. Working with the keyboard greater steeply angled at the tray is a common paintings posture for lots laptop users. In this function, it is also tough to maintain the wrist is in a neutral posture, due to the fact the forearms sag as they tire and this places the wrists into more wrist extension. Studies have failed to show that traditional keyboard trays substantially improve wrist posture.

Of direction, there are other ergonomic elements as properly together with right lights, ventilation, mouse use, furniture heights, and styles, plus telephone gadget to name some. Be sure to research what will be excellent to your unique scenario and finances. Take care of your frame now and it’ll deal with you in the destiny.

26 purple warm fable soccer suggestions from vintage winners and professionals

Featuring pinnacle participant picks and strategic recommendation for 2017/18 from preceding champions and the quality tipsters
1 hour ago
Want to boss the work Fantasy Football league this season? Read on. Heed recommendation from humans who have taken home the trophy on gambling via the season, which gamers to head for and how to use the Fantasy Premier League capabilities exceptional.
Player tips
Paul McKinnon, the editor of Fantasy Football Scout, passes on his first-rate advice…
GK 1: Ben Foster (West Brom)

At £four.5m, Foster is less difficult on the budget than the rest of Tony Pulis’s defensive regulars. The Baggies’ stopper ought to enhance on final season’s six clean sheets and also gives the ability of keep factors – he positioned fifth for saves (116) ultimate time round.

GK 2: Tom Heaton (Burnley)
Don’t allow a charge hike to £five.0 deter you from thinking about the Clarets’ No.1. Last season’s top-scoring shot-stopper offers far extra than just easy sheet potential – Heaton turned into ranked first for saves (149) and produced 21 bonus points, an FPL report for goalkeepers.
DEF 1: Cedric Soares (Southampton)


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Kindly worth £5.0m, the right-lower back faces simply certainly one of final season’s pinnacle nine within the first 11 game weeks. Soares turned into some of the top four FPL defenders for probabilities created (39) and a hit crosses (43) remaining time period, at the same time as new supervisor Mauricio Pellegrini have to boost the Saints’ clean sheet potentialities.
DEF 2: Kieran Trippier (Tottenham)
Kyle Walker’s switch to Manchester City allows Trippier to command an everyday spot on the Spurs team sheet. Though limited to simply 12 outings inside the league’s tightest defense last season, he still supplied 5 assists in a raiding wing-again position. At £5.5m he looks a snip.

DEF three: Lewis Dunk (Brighton)
A commanding presence in the coronary heart of a Brighton back line that claimed 21 easy sheets within the Championship ultimate term. Available for just £4.5m, Dunk additionally offers bonus point potential and has a watch for goal – he fired 38 tries and scored two times in 2016/17.
MID 1: Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool)

The Brazilian became worried in – scored or assisted – extra goals than any Liverpool participant ultimate season. Coutinho additionally ranked No.1 for shots on intention for the Merseysiders and the £nine.0m-priced schemer can justify his lofty 33% ownership and maintain as their pass-to midfield choice.
MID 2: Paul Pogba (Manchester United)
The Frenchman will without a doubt enhance on closing yr’s disappointing five goals and four assists. A secure pick out underneath Jose Mourinho, Pogba located 7th in midfield for photographs on intention and created greater chances than any United player in 2016/17. A £8.0m charge tag may want to prove true price if he united states his output.

MID 3: Matt Ritchie (Newcastle)

With 12 dreams and 7 assists last season, the promoted playmaker ticks some of packing containers. Listed at simply £6.0m, Ritchie is the Magpies’ move-to man for set-pieces and penalties and has the outlet agenda to benefit from with five beneficial fits in the first six game weeks.
FWD 1: Harry Kane (Tottenham)

Winner of the Golden Boot in again-to-returned seasons, the Spurs frontman averaged 7.Five points in step with healthy (ppm) last time period – more than any participant. He’s far from reasonably-priced at £12.5m, however, few, if any, can match Kane’s captaincy credentials as a steady provider of dreams.
FWD 2: Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City)
The Brazilian can topple Sergio Aguero as the important thing goal in Manchester City’s assault. Jesus bagged an aim or help in seven of his eight league starts last time period and, at £10.5m, is less difficult at the finances that the Argentine. Only Kane exceeded his 6.7ppm amongst forwards in 2016/17.

FWD 3: Wayne Rooney (Everton)
Back at former club Everton, the summer season signing has made a right away impact as Romelu Lukaku’s replacement. Rooney has netted in both of his summer time begins and could also be handed penalties. Priced at £7.5m and boasting a 21% possession, he’s the fourth-maximum-popular choose among forwards.
10 key guidelines for success
The expert Fantasy Football Scout professional website online (whose contributors include two previous FPL winners; in 2016/17, 4 of the top 15 FPL managers used the website online) have shared their pinnacle recommendations in step with the function for the season beforehand. Take a take a look at these and you may not move too far wrong…

Tips for sustainability-orientated entrepreneurs in search of capital

Turning an idea into a reality is not often easy. Entrepreneurs ought to construct groups, methods and, of the path, products with a view to scaling to draw clients and buyers. They notoriously juggle too many balls, often with too few arms to catch them.

And yet, increasing numbers of entrepreneurs willingly are including some other undertaking to an already impossibly long to-do list: having a superb environmental or social impact. These sustainability-orientated marketers are critically important given the worldwide demanding situations, which include weather alternate, that society faces nowadays.

Yet, sustainability-orientated marketers face extra demanding situations in scaling their ventures, as they ought to manipulate both real and perceived tradeoffs that come with defining, preserving, communicating and scaling an impact project. These tradeoffs, to a high degree, are between performance and social/environmental effect.

Can fast-growing meal kit businesses preserve their commitments to nearby produce and minimum waste at a national scale? Can elegant apparel be made each cheaply and with fair labor practices? Will electric powered or hydrogen cars reach an accessible charge point for normal clients?The closing win for these ventures is to comprehend the satisfactory of all competing priorities, as opposed to make an either-or choice between “doing precise” and “doing nicely.” And, indeed, there are compelling examples of sustainability-orientated improvements that break tradeoffs, accomplishing effect and (or, frequently, via) scale.
To gain this form of achievement, capital is frequently necessary. Aspiring sustainability-orientated marketers should know the way to get their startups financed and scaled up.


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Here at the Sustainability Initiative at MIT Sloan, we’ve advanced a unfastened manual to help sustainability-orientated marketers liberate capital. Our guide, together with masses of other curated equipment and assets to assist sustainability leaders of every type, is a part of SHIFT, a platform created by means of MIT that permits sustainability leaders to discover, examine and pick out the first-rate sources to help them realize their dreams.

7 instructions for unlocking capital
Our studies into sustainability-orientated innovation ecosystems, inclusive of interviews with over 75 entrepreneurs, corporates and buyers in both the agribusiness (think AgTech and FoodTech) and electricity/cleantech industries, has helped us respect the wonderful challenges that sustainability-orientated innovators face in elevating capital. Further, we’ve identified key practices that marketers have to don’t forget proactively to efficaciously increase sustainability-oriented improvements.The guide includes seven practices for sustainability-oriented marketers across industries. For every of the seven practices, we consist of rates from leading investors and entrepreneurs, a supplementary tick list of guiding questions and case research of startups successfully enforcing these practices. Here’s a precis.

Build a balanced crew to avoid an era-push method. Investors are looking for a truly articulated strategy and plan of assault, now not only a cool era, regardless of how defensible or progressive. The capacity to execute on that plan is decided with the aid of your crew. When asked to rank priorities for early-stage funding standards, cleantech and ag tech investors rank “team” above other elements together with product, market and deal economics.

Tell tales to speak the marketplace fee of your product. In addition to communicating the broader social or environmental blessings of a product or service, sustainability-orientated marketers ought to focus on addressing precise customer desires and pain factors. Specific and tangible product testimonies, augmented by way of case studies, images and fees, can help deliver clients a sense for capability and benefits.

Pitch sustainability as a facet dish, not the main route. For maximum traders, sustainability is clearly not one of the excessive-ranking elements on their listing of priorities. Successful sustainability-orientated marketers must, therefore, emphasize the monetary fee in their business on the way to appeal to personal-region capital. Even in domain names which can be incredibly relevant to sustainability, together with cleantech, food tech and tech, information of high quality social and environmental benefits must now not come earlier than exit potential and anticipated returns.

Reduce the capital-intensity and danger of your technology. The excellent marketers locate methods to reduce the capital depth of their ventures, in particular in industries wherein capital fees may be higher (even though they pay again over the years via aid performance and danger mitigation). Example techniques consist of raising non-dilutive capital (government or foundation offers), carrying out in-market pilots and using off-the-shelf technologies or infrastructure.

Beware of macroeconomic factors. Macroeconomic factors including energy prices and commodity cycles can affect industry dynamics and, consequently, customer willingness to adopt and pay for new technologies. Macro factors can also affect investor willingness and potential to raise and install capital. Entrepreneurs need to understand how applicable macroeconomic elements will affect their commercial enterprises, such as their customers and the pool of investors they may be concentrated on.

Benefit from authorities subsidies but don’t depend on them. Although subsidies can assist boost up commercial enterprise improvement, they can also emerge as fundamental sources of hazard inside the eyes of traders. Entrepreneurs need to be aware of how rules will affect client perceptions and their capacity to elevate capital from buyers.

Get involved in the surroundings. Sustainability-oriented entrepreneurs proactively must attend conferences, workshops and industry activities to fulfill and hook up with the key enablers of their space, along with capability personnel, board contributors and investors.
A broader effort to SHIFT practices
Beyond elevating capital, a key mission proper now for sustainability practitioners, and particularly marketers who’ve extremely restrained time and sources, is navigating the ocean of sustainability equipment and frameworks that may assist them. That’s why we created SHIFT.

In addition to our guide, SHIFT consists of more than a few gear for sustainability-orientated entrepreneurs. For example, SHIFT gives curated resources to help entrepreneurs build a business version, measure their effect, acquire customers and construct a group. SHIFT additionally includes tools for corporate sustainability leaders.

Eight Alexa hints for folks that are too rattling busy

If you find your self continuously swamped through paintings and a developing listing of things to do, you are now not alone. Here are 8 approaches you may position Alexa to give you the results you want.
Everyone is busier than ever before, it appears. The days appear to be getting shorter, while the listing of things to do keeps growing.

Fortunately, we live in an international wherein era can take care of some of the more menial responsibilities. If you are the owner of an Alexa speaker, here are some approaches you may rent it to unfastened up a number of some time and take a bit of the burden off your shoulders.

Add your calendars

Whether you operate Google Calendar, G Suite, Microsoft Outlook or Office 365 or Apple’s cloud for maintaining a schedule, you can join your calendar to Alexa so it could higher serve you as a digital assistant.


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To connect your calendar, go to alexa.Amazon.Com or open the Alexa app on Android or iOS, then go to Settings > Calendar and select either Google, Microsoft or Apple. Log in to your account and authorize the relationship. If you need, you could upload more than one calendars, however, you’ll best be able to add new events to one of the related calendars.

You will then be able to ask Alexa what’s on your calendar by way of saying:

“Alexa, when is my subsequent occasion?”
“Alexa, what’s on my calendar?”
“Alexa, what is on my calendar the next day at [time]?”
“Alexa, upload an occasion to my calendar.”
“Alexa, show me my calendar.” Manage your to-do lists

Alexa has an integrated to-do listing, but it’s very bare-bones and can handiest be accessed through the Alexa app. However, last 12 months, Amazon brought support for two-way sync with Any.Do and Todoist.

This means you could create a new task in both Any.Do or Todoist and it will appear in Alexa’s listing of to-dos, and vice versa.

To connect either Any.Do or Todoist, go to alexa.Amazon.Com or open the Alexa app and visit Settings > Lists. Select Any.Do or Todoist, login to your account and authorize the relationship. Create a new assignment by using saying, “Alexa, and ‘go to the grocery save’ to my to-do listing.” You also can check your list by means of pronouncing, “Alexa, what is on my to-do list?”

Create reminders

Now that Amazon’s Alexa speakers can cope with notifications, you can create reminders. Say some thing like, “Alexa, ring a bell in me to check the oven in 20 minutes,” or, “Alexa, remind me to name mother three days from now.”

When it is time to be reminded, the mild ring on the Alexa speaker will spin green and it will tell you what you wanted to do not forget. If you pass over the reminder, the mild ring will pulse periodically, and you can say, “Alexa, what did I miss?”

Actually, use the Flash Briefing

The Flash Briefing is a very beneficial feature, so long as you take some time to in reality set it up and use it.

Flash Briefing will provide you with a climate forecast for the day, as well as any applicable news you’ve selected to consist of. Say, “Alexa, play my Flash Briefing.”Ask about the site visitors earlier than you leave

If you’ve got an every day shuttle to paintings inside the morning or a mid-afternoon assembly you don’t want to be overdue for, simply ask Alexa for a site visitors update on your way out the door.

Say either, “Alexa, how is traffic?” or, ” Alexa, what is my trip?” If you’ve got an assembly, simply ensure your work deal with inside the Alexa app is ready to the precise vicinity first. (I constantly set my paintings area to the maximum frequented espresso save and try and time table any conferences I may also have there.)

Use timers to live on challenge

As a person who has been running remotely for over eight years, I’ve observed that staying on an undertaking is plenty less difficult while the clock is ticking. Setting timers at some point of the day is a terrific way to ensure you’re making the right progress to hit your objectives or deadlines.

Fortunately, Alexa is tremendous at handling timers — even simultaneous timers. Planning for some 15-minute breaks to grab a snack and a coffee or just to stretch your legs, begin your paintings day off with the aid of developing a few times:

“Alexa, create a procrastination timer for 15 mins.” (I use this to get social media and information analyzing out of the manner proper when I sit down.)
“Alexa, create a piece timer for one hour and 15 minutes.”
“Alexa, create a smash timer for one and a 1/2 hours.”
“Alexa, create paintings timer for 2 and a half hours.”
“Alexa, create a smash timer for two hours and 45 minutes.”
“Alexa, create a piece timer for three hours and forty-five minutes.”
A Pomodoro timer to your pc or telephone is probably greater efficient, but it can still be completed alternatively effortlessly with Alexa.

Reorder important gadgets

If you are strolling low on substances and recognize that commencing up an Amazon tab on your browser will lead you down a rabbit hole of surfing the each day offers and shopping for a group of factors you do not really want, simply tell Alexa to reserve what you want.

You should buy quite a whole lot something on Amazon just with the aid of asking Alexa. Say, “Alexa, order Old Spice deodorant,” or, “Alexa, buy printer paper.” If you’ve got previously ordered something you want, you could inform Alexa to reorder an item to get the identical object once more while not having to concentrate to several pointers from a voice seek.Create a piece surroundings

If you do business from home (or now not in an office), part of the struggle is developing an area this is conducive to getting work done.

Using IFTTT, I created an applet with Alexa and LIFX bulbs ($150.00 at Amazon.Com) that modifications the lights in my home workplace to a cool color (which promotes productivity and may give an explanation for why you don’t get anything achieved at your favorite secure coffee store). Then I tell Alexa to move the Deep Focus playlist on Spotify. (When I really need to awareness, I activate every possible instance of Do Not Disturb on — on my phones, drugs, computers, and Alexa.)

Getting into the dependency of activating this whenever I need to paintings took some time, but after it has become a habit, it becomes less complicated to sit down and get directly to paintings.

Kim Kardashian’s Contouring Tips Are Surprisingly Easy To Follow

Kim Kardashian favors a heavily contoured facial appearance, highlighting her cheekbones and different functions with shadows, mild, and product. Clearly, her legion of loyalists wants to the replica that definition, as her KKW Beauty range debuted with four contouring kits that offered out on the quick. Kardashian has shared lots of pointers on a way to use the multi-piece KKW Beauty kits due to the fact that launching the logo. But the real movie star and entrepreneur extraordinaire simply revealed her pinnacle contouring technique. Yes, definitely. And bet what? It’s so clean to employ.


It’s dubbed the “Rule of Three,” which ColourPop’s Sharon Pak mentioned in her “Getting Ready With Me” Instagram story the use of that logo’s new bronzers over the weekend.

Since I in my view am not an energy contoured, this idea was truly new to me, even though it could be familiar to people who contour like champions.

If you need to get that extremely defined appearance and feature in no way heard of the “Rule of Three,” here’s Kardashian’s foolproof tip that you’ll need to start the use of stat.


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You basically draw “three” on each aspect of your face, from your brow down through your cheekbones and along your jawline. You will eventually buff and blend it out, but it’s an incredible guide for highlight and definition.Third time is the appeal! This is Kimmy’s pinnacle tip.This educational is a piece longer and stocks KKW’s hints on the way to get a shorter forehead and a bronzy hairline via her contouring sticks. But it additionally carries the “Rule of Three.”Clearly, there are loads of secrets, recommendations, hints, strategies, and hacks that go into contouring. It’s a make-up dedication to do contour. But Kardashian’s tip that have to make contouring smooth for make-up noobs or those folks who don’t contour all the time. It makes the big method feel greater simplified and the give up end result look potential.So many Internet MUAs do contouring tutorials, playfully drawing hearts, stars, and all forms of traces on their faces for contour, which they buff and blend, leaving the relaxation folks bewildered and ingesting their makeup dirt.Kardashian’s tip takes out all of the guess work and is like contouring for novices. You cannot beat personalised recommendations from a splendor guru whose appearance is oft-favored.

Marlborough racing hints for Wednesday, July 26

Welcome to our daily tipping provider provided by Telegraph Sport’s very very own champion tipster Marlborough.

Attending a meeting nowadays? In need of some guidance? Or just fancy a flutter? You’ve come to the proper area.

Each day Marlborough will convey you the high-quality bets from each race at each racecourse around u . S . A .

From the intense lighting of the Cheltenham Festival and Glorious Goodwood to a low-key evening meeting at Chelmsford City, we’ve got all bases protected.

Looking for a daily nap? There isn’t any higher area to come. Marlborough will suggest his top tip for the day in traditional fashion, with every other first-rate alternative highlighted with “nb”.

So come back every night for Marlborough’s daily selection. Good success.


2.10 Golden Salute (nb)

2.40 Babyface

3.10 Farleigh Mac

three.40 Sure To Explore

4.10 Desert Cross

four.Forty Kiruna Park

five.10 Mister Musicmaster

Assertive Communication – 6 Tips For Effective Use

What IS assertive communication?

Assertive communique is the ability to specific fantastic and negative thoughts and feelings in an open, honest and direct way. It recognizes our rights even as nonetheless respecting the rights of others. It permits us to take duty for ourselves and our moves without judging or blaming different human beings. And it lets us to constructively confront and find an at the same time pleasing solution wherein war exists.


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So why use assertive conversation?

All folks use assertive behavior at times… Pretty frequently whilst we feel inclined or unsure of ourselves we may additionally hotel to submissive, manipulative or competitive behavior.

Yet being trained in assertive verbal exchange clearly increases the ideal use of this sort of behavior. It permits us to switch antique behavior styles for a greater fine technique to existence. I’ve determined that converting my reaction to others (be they work colleagues, customers or even my own family) can be interesting and stimulating.

The blessings of assertive conversation

There are many advantages of assertive communication, most extensively these:

It allows us to feel accurate approximately ourselves and others
It results in the improvement of mutual admire with others
It will increase our vanity
It enables us to gain our goals
It minimizes hurting and alienating other people
It reduces tension
It protects us from being taken benefit of by others
It allows us to make selections and free choices in lifestyles
It allows us to explicit, each verbally and nonverbally, an extensive variety of feelings and thoughts, both high quality and poor
There are, of course, disadvantages…

Disadvantages of assertive conversation

Others won’t approve of this style of conversation, or won’t approve of the views you express. Also, having a wholesome regard for any other person’s rights manner which you might not constantly get what YOU want. You may also discover that you have been incorrect about a point of view that you held. But most significantly, as cited earlier, it includes the risk that others won’t apprehend and consequently not receive this fashion of communication.

What assertive communique isn’t always…

Assertive communication is genuinely NOT a way of life! It’s NOT a assure that you’ll get what you want. It’s honestly NOT an acceptable fashion of communique with everybody, but at the least, it is NOT being aggressive.

But it IS approximately preference

Four behavioral selections

There are, as I see it, four picks you may make about which fashion of communication you may hire. These types are:

direct aggression: bossy, arrogant, bulldozing, intolerant, opinionated, and overbearing

oblique aggression: sarcastic, deceiving, ambiguous, insinuating, manipulative, and guilt-inducing

submissive: wailing, moaning, helpless, passive, indecisive, and apologetic

assertive: direct, sincere, accepting, accountable, and spontaneous

Characteristics of assertive verbal exchange

There are six essential characteristics of assertive communication. These are:

eye contact: demonstrates interest, indicates sincerity
body posture: congruent frame language will improve the significance of the message
gestures: suitable gestures help to feature the emphasis
voice: a degree, the well-modulated tone is greater convincing and proper and isn’t always intimidating
timing: use your judgment to maximize receptivity and impact
content material: how, where and whilst you pick out to remark might be extra critical than WHAT you assert

6 money-saving tips that will make you feel smart

The global of private finance can appear overwhelming. Saving, making an investment, 401(ok)s, mortgages, coverage … It’s plenty. But it is no longer certainly too tough to start making smart money selections as a way to set you up for a successful future.

Take a cue from ordinary human beings like Derek Sall, who paid off greater than $a hundred,000 in debt earlier than turning 30, or Justin and Kaisorn McCurry, who retired of their 30s.

Below, CNBC Make It has rounded up a number of the best lessons we have found out from actual people who’ve stored lots. Follow their recommendations and no longer best will you be to your manner to building wealth, but you’ll experience accurately about making smart selections.

Skip the credit playing cards — use coins instead

CNBC Make It reporter Kathleen Elkins went on a “coins diet” for two months and allocated herself $60 every week to spend on the whole lot that wasn’t rent and her electric powered invoice. She recorded every dollar she spent in a spreadsheet so she should see exactly what she turned into shopping for and where she ought to make cuts.


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After those 8 weeks have been up, Elkins had stored $1,000 extra than she generally does in just two months.Pay your self first

A couple who found out that they had spent $30,000 dining in three hundred and sixty-five days missed out on the possibility to do one important factor earlier than digging into their food: Invest in themselves before whatever else.

Most specialists recommend putting apart approximately 10 percent of your earnings in a 401(ok) or another retirement account, in particular, if your business enterprise fits your contributions.

Don’t hassle skipping espresso — think bigger

Self-made millionaire Grant Cardone lays down the law: You can’t just pass a $3 cup of coffee and count on to be rolling in dough inside 12 months, he says. Instead, set sincerely excessive savings and profits goals for your self.

“I in no way looked to get the rich brief, but I did look to get rich,” he writes.If you may, generate two incomes (or extra!)

Okay, we get it. You’re not Jay Leno or making the kind of money Leno makes. But you might be in a function to begin forming accurate monetary behavior like Leno did as an unknown comic.

“When I turned into younger, I might always save the cash I made operating at the automobile dealership, and I might spend the money I made as a comedian,” he informed CNBC Make It. “When I started to get a piece well-known, the cash I become making as a comedian became manner extra than the cash I was making at the car dealership, so I could bank that and spend the auto dealership money.”

He saved up the dependency. When he began hosting NBC’s “The Tonight Show,” he booked himself hundreds of comedy gigs. His gig money became his spending cash and his past due night cash went to the bank. To nowadays, he says he nevertheless hasn’t spent a dime of his “Tonight Show” cash.

Automate the whole thing

“Automation is important,” writes Grant of Millennial Money, who went from having $2.26 in his bank account to $1 million in just five years.

He keeps: “When I first commenced saving and investing, I become a bit more antique school — I was seeking to make investments as a good deal as viable into the online savings accounts I had set up, and it became a pretty guide process. Now, considered one of the largest suggestions I make is to automate as an awful lot of your financial savings as viable.”Figure out how a good deal you really want

This couple saved $1 million in four years so they could retire by means of age 43. How did they do it? Because they were not glad at work, they preferred to be frugal to have the opportunity to leave their jobs. So they spent simplest what they needed to spend and saved the relaxation — no exceptions.

If you discern out what sincerely makes you glad and wherein you could cut back, you can also diminish your spending and perhaps one day achieve your own financial freedom.