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How WhiteHat Jr Company is Creating Young Coders

The Young Achievers of WhiteHat Jr Company show parents, teachers, and the world the new skills and confidence they’ve developed through participation in this invaluable educational program.

What is WhiteHat Jr?

WhiteHat Jr Company was founded in 2018 as an education and technology platform that teaches children essential coding skills through online video classes and one-on-one instruction. The app works to encourage children to learn these critical skills so they can do the following:

  • Create games.
  • Make applications.
  • Generate animation.
  • And much more…

Program creator, Karan Bajaj, saw a need for this type of instruction to begin in early childhood and follow children through high school when his children were young. He felt it was a glaring absence in the world of early childhood tools, technology, and education. So, he set about creating a program that would help children develop and cultivate these skills to serve them in multiple areas of their lives.

Young Coders

Who Are The Young Achievers of WhiteHat Jr?

Young achievers of WhiteHat Jr refers to the students of varying ages who have created projects through the platform with some degree of success. Students learn essential life skills, such as:

  • Critical thinking.
  • Reasoning.
  • Logic.
  • Confidence.
  • Problem-solving.

They also learn how to be builders and creators and create useful products in their own lives and for others.

Among the impressive apps, students have created throughout the Young Achievers program at WhiteHat Jr are apps that do the following:

  • Discern dyslexia.
  • Track vaccinations.
  • Perform vision testing.
  • Promotes toy swapping and donations.

The beauty of programs like WhiteHat Jr is that they teach children about so much more than the basics of building apps. They teach students to build apps and create products that solve problems.

This is a skill even today’s adults struggle with, and children can do so with a few minutes of daily instruction. Once they’ve created the first few apps, they have developed ingrained life skills that are ultimately marketable. This means students can put their education and talents developed through WhiteHat Jr to work.

No matter what your goals are for your children, it requires them to be motivated and engaged in the educational process. That is where WhiteHat Jr. excels beyond most educational products on the market today. It fosters excitement about learning that is contagious and encourages active participation from students. Try it for your child and see what a difference it makes.

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