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HTC Vive and Vive Pro hints and tricks

The HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro are two of the very nice digital reality headsets in the marketplace and provide something we’ve not seen earlier than within global gaming.

Each is expensive (with the Vive Pro being a lot greater), so while you’ve sold the one, you want to make the maximum of your headset. And this is, in all likelihood, why you’ve ended up at this manual to research the satisfactory tips and tricks to grow to be an expert along with your new VR equipment.

Although the Vive Pro is a much more achieved headset with a higher resolution show and new capabilities, this manual will work for each merchandise because the software program and how it works is the same.

Make sure you have got enough room.

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Before you purchase an HTC Vive or Vive Pro, you want to ensure you’ve got enough area for a good way to play it domestically. You want extra room compared to different VR headsets because it will music your site within the site.

HTC says the minimal quantity of clear space you will want is 1. Five x 2m (5 x 6.5 feet). However, that won’t be a large amount of area; recall the gap will want to be free from litter and furnishings, so you don’t end up tripping over an espresso desk at the same time as you’re gambling Job Simulator.

Bear in thoughts that you’ll want a few areas to host your PC (the cable inside the container is most effective five meters, so it can not be a ways away) in addition to the lighthouses and anything else in the area.

WWe want you to know that it’s worth measuring up your space before buying the headset instead of ending up disillusioned when it does not match.

Make certain your PC is ideal enough.

Another important tip: before buying an HTC Vive or Vive Pro, ensure your PC has an excessively sufficient spec to run the headset and the video games you want to play.

This is important; we’ve written a separate guide on building a PC worth the Vive Pro headset. We suggest consulting before you buy either the Vice or Vive Pro to be sure you’ve got the proper specs in your device. This way, you won’t come to be disenchanted after you’ve set all of it up.

You can read our full guide on the way to build an HTC Vive Pro-geared-up PC right here.

Keep the controllers charged.

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This is perhaps the most fundamental tip in this listing, but keeping the controllers charged is crucial. Unlike with your PS4 or Xbox One controller, you can’t simply plug the HTC Vive controllers in and play a chunk towards the TV for an hour at the same time as it prices up.

Your Vive or Vive Pro willn’t begin without the controllers having at least some battery interior, and you’ll become dissatisfied as you won’t be capable of playing your preferred games properly. The controllers will let you recognize the battery is low while you see a single pink dot at the indicator at the top of it.

To pump them completely off the battery, you’ll need to apply the strength adapter and USB cables supplied in the box, and every controller has to be able to go from empty to completely charged in approximately hours. You’ll get simply around 8 hours price from then.

Can’t mount your lighthouses? Use mild stands

If you hire your property (or don’t want to attach lighthouses to the partitions in your area), you won’t need to make the most suitable component: drill holes to put up the room monitoring tech for the Vive.

In that case, our recommendation is to apply light stands. These are commonly used for filming within the innovative industries, but you may pick out a few online for a first-rate and, in preference to using them for lights, you can screw your HTC lighthouses instantly onto them.

You could take down your Vive or Vive Pro, surely effortlessly just collapsing the tripods and packing all of it away. Perhaps extra importantly, although you can get the sport started fast again subsequent time by just placing up those tripods.

Stop taking the headset off to see around.


On the front of the Five and the Vive Pro are cameras designed to screen where you are in the area and can help you recognize when you will stroll into an object. That’s how the blue field comes up around you when you get too close to the brink of the game vicinity.

This camera setup can also be used to observe through the headset, though, and that’s a characteristic not many humans know about. You need to activate it; however, as soon as you have, it’ll be an alternative within the predominant machine menu so that you can quickly transfer to dealing with a digital camera and no longer need to take your headset off to test around you.

First, you’ll want to press the System button on the sit trackpad on both controls. Here, you’ll discover Settings, and also, you’ll want to go to Camera and press the button that reads “Enable Camera in Dashboard.”

Now, on every occasion you input the Dashboard, you’ll have the choice to peak through the front digicam, and you’ll also be amazed by how beneficial this feature is while you’re deep in the VR experience.

Take phone calls while in VR.

Worried the complete virtual fact will suck you in? Enjoy and leave out an all-critical phone name? You can connect your phone to the HTC Vive using Bluetooth to make sure you miss an important word by no means.

It also allows you to display who is ringing you and recognize if you don’t need to rush out of the VR headset to pick up the cellphone if it is unimportant.

You must first install the right drivers for your PC to do this. This is inside the SteamVR settings, under the General tab. You’ll want to tick “Enable Bluetooth verbal exchange” and “Install Bluetooth Driver.”

Now, head to your smartphone and download the HTC Vive app from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. While your telephone is downloading the app, head to the Settings tab in the Vive app on your computer and press “Set up a telephone.”

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