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Quick Tips to Improve Your Wi-Fi Signals

Are you annoyed by buffering and slow browsing? If you’re facing problems with your wireless network, you’re not the only one. It is not uncommon to experience a dropped Wi-Fi signal, slow streaming, and dead Wi-Fi zones. People usually blame the streaming provider for weak passwords, but the real problem is their Wi-Fi network.

We live in a connected world where the internet has become a necessity of life. A slow or dropped signal can impact several activities and become maddening because our work and social connectivity depend on it. So, Wi-Fi has become one of the most important tools in our lives to get the best internet speed. Wi-Fi is a great option for rate because it converts the direct bandwidth available through optical fiber or the fixed-line. A wireless fidelity network or Wi-Fi helps you connect all your devices, such as laptop, tablet, or smartphone, to the internet from anywhere within your home or office.

Wi-Fi is the best way to access the internet, but sometimes signals get weak, or you may experience low connectivity in certain rooms. So, to ensure you get a strong wireless signal throughout your home, you need to do a few things. Let’s check out a few tips to boost your home Wi-Fi and achieve optimal reception.

Optimal Router Placement

Often, it is seen that reception is optimal near the wireless router or in certain rooms only. This happens because not all rooms and spaces receive the same quality of signals. For this reason, the location of your router plays a crucial role in improving your broadband wireless network. If you want to enhance the performance of your network, you should place the router in the center of your house so its signal can reach as far as possible. Thick walls block the calls, so make sure to avoid as many obstructions as you can. Try to keep the router in a place with plenty of clear space. Ensure it’s not placed on the right near the TV, or any other metal and electrical objects.

Upgrade Your Router

Sometimes, the problem lies in tYou can’t expect the best performance if hardware. Suppose you’re using an old and ot version. If you had installed a router several years ago, it would not provide you high speed no matter whichever trick you apply. So, upgrade to the new AC standard to achieve better streaming and reception.

Update Router Firmware

You can also achieve optimal performance by updating your router firmware. To boost network speed, security, and stability, the manufacturers keep introducing software updates for routers. However, the ease of updating the software depends entirely on your device manufacturer and model. If you have the latest router, you may find a firmware upgrade button in the administration interface. To update the older models, you must download the firmware software from the manufacturer’s website and upload it to the administration interface.

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