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It’s summertime. It’s warm. It’s a challenge to get out of the residence. Unless there’s a challenge. Following inside the internet subculture of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and the Mannequin Challenge, the ultra-modern online craze is called the Drive-By Dunk Challenge (#DriveByDunkChallenge).

It’s about as easy as it sounds. Cruise a neighborhood till you discover a basketball hoop, throw down your first-rate dunk, then go away. No damage, no foul.

It also facilitates having a companion strolling video for undeniable proof of the deed, or in case something hilariously unscripted happens, like an indignant canine encouraging a failed dunker to depart at the back of his basketball.

So who might do this?


The assignment was begun the remaining week using Instagram user @t.Currie, who published videos of his outstanding slams at random houses. The amusing speed became taken up by some bigger names, including NBA gamers Anthony Davis and Jaylen Brown Ken,tucky basketball coach John Calipari, and Boston Celtics govt Danny Ainge.

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On Monday night, UT Arlington basketball coach Scott Cross posted his video contribution on Twitter, which turned into a smash. Cross, who played at UTA from 1995-ninety-eight before becoming an educator, became headed to a children’s basketball recreation with his sons Tyler, nine, and Cody, 10, when he saw his possibility and introduced a twist.

In the video, Tyler sprints up a neighbor’s driveway and crouches close to the basket as Dad leaps over him for the slam on a barely less-than-law-height basket. Cross stated he wasn’t involved in jumping over his son — “he’s now not that tall” — however, not each person shared dad’s self-belief.

“At first, neither considered one of my boys wanted to get out. They said they had been going to get harm,” Cross stated. “I informed them if I hurt you, I’ll come up with $one hundred.”

Video modifying reduces the primary dunk attempt, resulting in Cody howling foul, protecting his head, and demanding his bounty.


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“I might also have grazed his head with my shin,” Cross said, nevertheless not satisfied. After Tyler subbed in for his large brother, the next strike was a slam dunk. Challenge met. Father and son hurry back to their automobile simultaneously as Lil Jon’s Throw It Up pumps in the background. Laughs ensue.

With this Cross off his bucket list, what check could be subsequent: “Dancing with the Stars?” “American Ninja Warrior?” “Survivor?”

“ ‘Survivor?’ ” Cross stated excitedly. “That’s constantly been one truth TV display that I stated, ‘I suppose I ought to win that.’ My wife and I have watched that from the very first season. It sure could be a laugh to do, but there’s now not lots of downtime as a basketball train.”

Hey, don’t give up the dream. Just think of it like every other project.

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