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Five Home Issues You Should Address Immediately

Homeownership is satisfactory but challenging. Although with the unexpected weather conditions in Toronto, a shelter on your head is like a blessing, it does come with a lot of responsibility. From pesky squirrels in the attic to the peeling paint of the walls, there are literally countless problems on the journey of maintaining a healthy and beautiful home. Fortunately, there are solutions to every one of them, and they are easier to fix than you may think.

So, if you are struggling with any of the below-mentioned issues, don’t wait any longer and use super-simple solutions to overcome daily household headaches –

Word of Caution: Check Older Homes for Environmental Hazards ...

  1. Rodent Infestation

This is a nightmare for every homeowner out there. No one would want mice chewing on their furniture or clothes, gnawing on the electrical wirings, and leaving dropping on the kitchen shelves. However, the reality is that any home can become potential nesting grounds for rodents. And, these four-legged ninjas with cute and fuzzy faces are not something to be spared. So, set traps around the house and use wire mesh on crevices and gaps. Take professional help if you feel the situation is getting out of control.

  1. Mold Invasion

Mold is completely expected at places that are dark, damp, or humid. The common spots to find it are the kitchen, bathroom, and basement. These black/brown spots are an eyesore for the visitors and extremely unhealthy for the people living with them. Hence, you better call a mold specialist for proper evaluation and remediation. Their experience and knowledge would remove the mold from its core and ensure it doesn’t return in the future.

  1. Gutter Runoff

Roof gutters that dump water next to your foundation can lead to bacteria build-up and impact the structural integrity of your home over time. So, if you have been lately realizing how you have been asking for trouble all this while not paying heed to the water accumulation in your premises, it is time for a change. Install flexible corrugated drain pipes and extend your gutter downspouts – make sure the rainwater goes away from home with no way to be back.

  1. Faucet Dripping

Whether it is your shower tub or bathroom/kitchen sink, a leaking faucet can be a cause of water wastage in your home and can quickly turn into a full-blown problem if not handled timely and properly. Surprisingly, the solution to this problem is not as difficult as you think. You need to replace the damaged parts, generally the O-ring or washer inside the valve seat that are the reason for the leak. If that fails, then troubleshooting into worn-out seals or broken plumbing may work.

  1. Roof Damage

The structure of the home and the safety of people living in it can be threatened if there is any major deterioration happening to the roof. Even the little moisture problems can go beyond repair and sometimes impossible to resolve if not tackled on time. Therefore, keep a weekly or fortnightly check on your roof for any signs of damage and ask a roof repair contractor to fix them right away.

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