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Want to Restore the Old Search UI to Firefox? Learn How to Do It

Who stated every trade is for higher? Sometimes, an alternate can damage your enjoyment and force you to think the previous condition is better than the more modern one. If you experience the identical after updating the brand new Firefox replacement on your browser, adopting the following tips will assist in restoring the old Seek person interface.

As part of an era, you would possibly have visible that almost the entirety is changing its appearances, size, equipment, functions, features, and other parameters to become higher. PCs adopt the advent of palm-sized machines, box chips get converted into microchips, and groups release updates to make their software higher. If you have mounted a Firefox browser for your computing devices, then it’s miles shown that you frequently install each Firefox replacement to ensure quicker and more comfortable browsing. The brand-new Firefox return modified the seek field to generate higher search consequences. However, users are going through several issues in using the brand-new Firefox UI. Indeed, Firefox doesn’t trade its look and consumer interface vastly; the search experience within the older versions does not make sense, similar to the more modern one. If you’re a Mozilla Firefox 34 or later person irritated with the new seek functionality, improve Firefox’s searching by restoring the older search UI.

Tech Updates

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How does the Search Function in the Newer Version?

Whenever users download Mozilla, the setup wizard asks them to pick the preferred equipment and capabilities to enhance the browsing experience, but the new Firefox browser is distinctive. It now contains a new search bar, showing some SERPs as pre-defined widespread. The latest updates allow pressure customers to kind within the full period without featuring the anticipated effects. You may see the quest consequences in a new tab when you click the’ Search’ button. Some customers might suppose that clicking the ‘Change Search Settings’ choice can take them to the antique UI. However, they’re incorrect. Clicking the ‘Change Search Settings’ alternative will open a separate window that differs from the older UI.

Steps for Reverting Firefox Search to the Old User Interface

1. Start Firefox and open a brand new tab in the browser.

2. Type ‘about config’ in the address bar, and you’ll get a caution. Proceed in addition, as you are not doing whatever is too risky, and there may be no risk to the browser’s performance.

3. Type ‘one-off buttons’ into the Search text box in the upper phase, and it’ll display the most effective one access: browser.Search.ShowOneOffButtons.

4. Users having the new Firefox browser established will see the setting as ‘True.’ So, to alternate the Firefox replacement and set your browser back into the older UI, double-click it and trade it to ‘False.’

5. Close Mozilla Firefox and restart your Windows PC to apply the modifications.

6. Now, open the Mozilla Firefox and look at the quest bar; it’ll now have the vintage familiar layout.


Adopting modern changes isn’t a smooth challenge for everybody; however, occasionally, sticking to traditional techniques makes you feel secure. The Internet and its connected things aren’t too fast from virtual threats, so software program growth companies launch today’s updates to restorative the insects and set up superior security patches. If you’re planning to download Mozilla but do not wish to adopt the modern changes and updates, you definately might be making a huge mistake. An unprotected browser is a gateway to severa threats. Undoubtedly, the brand-new Firefox permits users to seek results from any browser, but the conventional technique becomes pretty easy and clean to apply. If you think you’re worn-out enough to toggle the brand new platform for the older search UI, then immediately touch an online tech support corporation to clear up such browser problems!

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