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How to Renovate Your Home with a Personal Loan This Diwali

Diwali is the festival where everyone wants to enjoy their time with family surrounded by loads of positive vibes, relatives, gifts, sweets, and happiness. With Diwali coming soon, many have already started to plan lots of things such as renovating the home, coloring the house, starting a new venture, or wedding ceremonies post-Diwali.


Why a personal loan for the renovation of the house?

  • We observe that recently, COVID-19 cases have fallen to less than 20,000 cases per day in India. However, India is still reviving from the financial impacts of the COVID-19 hit economy with two waves. Financial budgets are still tightened for many households.
  • However, one thing COVID has made us realize is that we should never stop pursuing our dreams. If you have plans to renovate your home, a personal loan will help you.
  • Even if you have some funds at your disposal, evaluate whether they are sufficient to renovate as per your plan. You may paint your home on an annual basis, but renovation is not a yearly affair. It’s a decade affair. Thus, a loan amount coupled with competitive personal loan interest rates gives you an extra edge for your renovation plan.
  • Due to the compressed position in the economy, the government has already increased the money supply, and thus personal loan interest rates are currently low. Moreover, the personal loan tenure goes up to 5 years with a lower EMI amount. You can use a personal loan EMI calculator to find out the optimum EMI per your needs.
  • Once you have a personal loan, you do not need to compromise your emergency funds. You can pay EMIs as per your repaying capacity. Also, you can use the funds without specifying any reason to the lender, and that’s why it is called personal!

How to renovate your home with a personal loan?

Diwali is an auspicious and divine festival. If you do good things to make yourself happy, more things will come your way to make you feel more comfortable. So, don’t hesitate to renovate your home this Diwali if that makes you feel good. Funds with lower personal loan interest rates give you enough leverage to remodel your home with the following set of ideas:

  • Entrance is the face of the house. But, this part of the renovation is costly. With excess funds at your disposal, a good-looking entrance can make you feel relaxed and happy at the same time. Additionally, if you add earthen pots, it would provide the much-needed vibrancy to the entrance.
  • Diwali is when guests are invited to the kitchen to enjoy the festivity preparations. You may consider adding a modular cooking range to the kitchen. You may consider buying a chimney, a microwave, or any elegant crockery available in the market. If you have cash constraints, you cannot go for this part of the renovation. However, a personal loan can make it possible.
  • It’s Diwali, and there should be enough space for that continuous gup-shup! You may consider using different seating arrangements such as sofas or high chairs to involve everyone in the combined discussion. However, adding another space is costly, and it’s possible only with the help of excess funds.
  • You may choose some desi printed tiles for your bathroom, or some different styles of tiles will add more beauty to the bathroom.


Let this Diwali be a reason to renovate your house and start with a new beginning. Arranging the finances is no big deal today. Online applications for personal loans can be completed quickly, and your bank account will get credited within seconds after the approval. You can choose the monthly outflow using a personal loan EMI calculator with affordable personal loan interest rates. The procedure is 100% paperless, and all scanned documents are enough to get through your application.

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